F1 2011: What are you most looking forward to?

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    Keith Collantine

    Hi guys – season preview time coming up soon and what I want to know from you is this:

    What are you most looking forward to in 2011?

    Funniest/best/most popular answers will make it to the finished article…



    The Bahrain GP


    Dan Thorn

    Alonso and Massa destroying everyone and Heidfeld winning a race.



    Kubica in (F1) action



    Seeing the cars in High Definition will be the thing I look forward to the most. For years I had a rubbish CRT TV, you know the ones you can see the pixels on? Well in December I bought a HD TV and as soon as the BBC announced they would show F1 in HD, I upgraded within a couple of weeks for that very reason. F1 in HD!

    Lovely Jubbely with a cherry on top!



    I am looking forward to seeing how much the new teams have improved. I do fear for Virgin and Hispania, but I am quietly optimistic about Lotus’ (the real one) chances. (Well, they’re the most real of the two! :P) But as cubejam said, the most exciting thing we are guaranteed to see is HD. I really can’t wait!

    But I am most excited about being at the opening round in Melbourne to see the cars in the real! If it’s anything like what it was when I went in 2009, it will surely be the best weekend of my life. :)



    Really looking forward to a nice open season, with some exciting racing. Hopefully there will be lots of position changes and overtaking.

    Will be good to see new names on the grid too as well as 5 WC on the grid!

    And looking forward to having Martin Brundle in the commentary box, hopdefully he will know which car is which!


    Neil Davies

    Looking forward to so many things, but I’m really hoping to see more strategy variation and risk taking. With the Pirelli tyres looking like they will degrade much sooner than the Bridgestones there should be more pit stops. Add in KERS and the adjustable rear-wing, overtaking (let’s hope!) will be more easily achieved and so teams may be willing to try more radical strategies. Which hopefully will give us not just exciting races, but less predictable racing too. I can’t wait.

    Also on a more technical note the development battle between the big teams is going to be brutal this year, who gains and loses over the season will be fascinating to follow.



    Seeing Vettels pimply face and Hamiltons bracey gnashers in Full HD!!



    I’m most interested to see where the new teams slot into the field this year. Even though the F111 hasn’t turned a wheel yet, I expect HRT to still be rooted at the back, and the Virgin testing times don’t fill me with much confidence that they’ve moved forward much. They’ll be nipping at the heels of 20th place, but rarely ahead of it. I am expecting Lotus to be in amongst the middle-back though, but it all depends on where all the others end up.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing what Mercedes and Renault bring to the table, especially if they can challenge for wins, and making it a 5-horse race at the front for the teams championship.


    Stephen Jones

    another close battle for the championship!

    2 Lotuses (lotusi?)

    the F1F meetup at Albert Park

    Webber and Vettel to fight over one piece of tarmac, like turkey

    how brundle manages the commentary into turn 1 at melbourne!

    an (hopefully) awesome Indian track!

    Branson wearing a mini-skirt

    Prisoner Monkeys revealing his actual name..

    ahh the possibilities!



    Emm, just looking forward to it really.

    But i suppose,

    * Early mornings for the Asian/Australian races (i really do like getting up to watch them)

    * The return of Crofty/Davidson to the commentry

    * HD viewing!!

    * Some wet races, with the chaos that comes with it

    * Seeing how the newbies look this year to last season

    * If Williams can regain lost glory

    * Potentially a British Driver winning the WDC



    Heidfeld winning a race.

    Massa and Fernando both having a terrific year.

    HRT managing to finish ahead of Lotus one race.

    Vettel’s helmets although hopefully they’re a bit better than last year’s as I found his 2010 collection fairly dull compared to other years.

    Lotus and Lotus going to court and the judge deciding he’s had enough of both of them and neither are allowed to use the name Lotus.

    Fernando Alonso winning at Silverstone by overtaking Hamilton in spectacular fashion on the very last lap.

    @aus_steve I believe PM is called Jason. It’s Mag’s name I want uncovered…



    As we don’t get the free practice’s here in Australia, I am most looking forward to getting back online in the middle of the night and blogging with all my friends from around the world while we watch a jumpy live stream and listen to Ant and Crofty.

    Also, I am keen to see how Daniel Ricciardo does in the FP’s this year.



    Can Mercedes or Renault join the elite 3.

    The new Silverstone start/finish straight.

    How well Ricciardo does in Free Practice.

    If Kubica can make a return before the season end.

    Seeing if HRT can afford enough paint to run their Hollywood livery.

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