F1 2012, F1 Fanatic style…

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    As everyone by now I’m sure is aware. The best way of watching F1 in 2012 in the UK is through Sky.

    Yes, I hate it as much as everyone else, I’ll pass judgement on their coverage once I’ve seen it though…

    However, I’ve come up with a cunning idea that might work if us UK F1Fanatics can stick together on this.

    Not everyone has SkyTV, but some people must already have it on here, so how about having a series of F1Fanatic ‘House Parties’ on F1 weekends, where people (with big enough living rooms) invite others into their houses to watch the Sky F1 races together?

    If anyone would like to discuss this method or any others (no torrents please), please comment!



    I have Sky, but im not sure my mum and dad would approve of us ‘F1 Fanatic Geeks’ (as they very disrespectfully call us) raiding the living room. And i play golf on the weekend.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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