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    I have just been watching the NASCAR All-star weekend and got to thinking, could something like this work in F1. Now, before you go saying things like “this would never happen” and “the teams would never go for it”, I know that, it’s simply a fantasy concoction.

    My format would be similar to what the NASCAR has in regards to qualifying for the race. I was thinking the race could be held in the mid-season break so all qualifying requirements would be taken from the previous mid-season break to the current mid-season break.

    To qualify for the race, a driver would have had to either…

    1. Finish on the podium

    2. Take a pole position

    This would mean if it was done this year, Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Renault, Nico Rosberg and Nico Hulkenberg would have all qualified so far.

    Then for the drivers that didn’t make it into the race there would be 2 Shootout Races.

    Race 1 – This race would contain all the drivers that have not qualified for the race with the first 2 going through to the All-star race.

    Race 2 – This race would contain 1 reserve driver from each team, with the winner of the race going through to the All-star race.

    The last way to get into the race would be by fan vote. The favourite driver with the most votes would be the last driver to get in.

    Like I said, I know it would never happen, it’s just fun to think about.



    It would be quite nice. Would have to be a spec car though otherwise there’d be no point.

    Persoanlly what I’d like to see is an f1 event run like the Super Special stages rallying used to have (if they don’t still), two cars head-to-head over a figure of 8 in a knock-out tournament. I know that’s basically the Race of Champions but I mean in F1 cars.

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