F1 and Stupid: Boring Camera angles

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    Second in my series of F1 and Stupid, looking at all the stupid things about F1. This one is less stupid than usual, but the boring camera angles of the FOM coverage are getting slightly annoying. F1 should look at IndyCar for the ‘rollhoop’ shot, where cameras go 360 around the car. They should also have driver perspectives, like Coulthard did in Brazil 2008, when we were robbed of a great drivers eye view(although it could have been on the top and not the chin). They should also stop showing the starts head on, you see nothing, they should be from above, especially at the start. In 2006, we had cameras that looked at the driver from the side, theyve gone. At the moment we have the boring ‘pan’ shots that focus on one car, onboard cameras that don’t really show what the track is like, nose cameras that are used too often and rear view cameras that show not a lot and… well thats it. ARRGGHH



    F1 should look at IndyCar for the ‘rollhoop’ shot, where cameras go 360 around the car.

    I watched an IndyCar race just the other day and those cameras are fantastic.

    A little bit of investment in that area would go a long way.



    I agree, I just saw some footage from rollhoop camera and it offers amazing views. In F1 there are just front and back facing so during overtake maneuvers you miss most all of the side-by-side action.

    Helmet-cams are also great, weren’t they supposed to be introduced to all drivers from this year? Maybe there were some safety concerns…


    Dan Thorn

    I personally hate those swivelling cameras, I don’t feel they really add anything. Helmet cams are good, but what I want to see is less stable onboard cameras – There’s a minimal sense of speed with them now, look at an onboard from the late 80’s/early 90’s and everything is shaking and vibrating, a much more visceral experience.



    I only really enjoy watching those rollhoop cmeras when the Indycars race on ovals, so apart from Monza and Spa, possibly Silverstone and Sepang, they would barely add anything.



    Yeah i don’t feel thbe 360 camera’s add much, i think more unique angles. Like the inside of corners, in Hungary, there was a camera at the apex of the last corner.

    Why not add the same camera at overtaking opportunities, like at Turn 1 at the same track, it would provide great replays.



    As much as I hate using NASCAR as an example, they have a cool shot where the Apron meets the oval, theres a camera. So it would be like on a kerb. I know we had a few of them last year, but I dont see them any more this year :(



    Hungary had a few of them, showed alot on the TV at the track… But not during the actuall F1


    Travis Oreali

    Yes so true – that stupid start of the race camera angle looking head on is useless and has annoyed me for a long time!

    You have to wait until lap 3 or so until they show the replay from above, where you can clearly see who started well and who overtook who.

    Why don’t they show that angle from the start? Are they too worried that viewers may get upset if they don’t get to see the lights go out?



    FOM’s coverage is awful, really.

    Bahrain had a record number of overtakes (I think – that or close to it) and we saw few of those, prompting the whole “F1 has become boring” myth that was thankfully shattered soon enough. The angles are certainly boring and monotonous. The start could definitely be improved, especially those times when the leaders go past the camera just as someone’s about to make a pass. There are plenty of things that happen in a race that we never see.

    For all Bernie’s statements that F1 needs to move forward, embrace new markets and the future, he should look a little closer to home.



    Just remember Hockenheim and Silverstone for bad camera angles at the start. The start was hardly visible. And when they finally show some on board shots, there was nothing much to be seen on those.

    Those kerb and fencing cameras work really well, you get a good feeling of the exitement and speed of the cars. A shame they do not actually use them in most events.

    FOM needs to work on the TV shots. If not HD, than at least show us the action from good camera angles (the Button front camera looking back was a nice novelty, but not for use every race) and get all the moves covered.



    My pet hate is the way they always finish the race with the camera veiw sat on the start finish line. This was insane at Belgium 2008 where they sat with a veiw down the pit straight even though all the excitement was happening at the bus stop and just before as Heidfeld and Alonso stormed through with Intermediate tyres on.



    Rossi tests gyroscopic on-board camera


    I know it wouldn’t work in F1 but it’s really good.



    I always wondered about those 360-cams in IndyCar – do they have a way of sensing when cars are alongside? If not, they must have very good remote-operators to get such good shots. I agree they take some getting used to, but they’re a million times better than the F1 cameras.

    I was very annoyed at the camera work at Abu Dhabi last year – anyone would think they were filming a promo video for the hotel rather than the race!



    I don’t think FOM’s coverage or in fact, Formula 1 itself needs constant rule changes and/or any drastic measures to improve the show. Just a few dollars needs to be reserved for simple things like high definition and the installation of an onboard camera, mounted on the roll-over hoop of EVERY car. The only reason we have all of the problems with not knowing what happened in certain instances is because there isn’t some onboard footage to solve it! It really, really frustrates me – it is after all the 21st century…

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