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    I’m starting an F1 cool wall.


    As you can see it’s blank at the moment, I want fans interaction to help out and let me know if the car is sub zero, cool, uncool or seriously uncool.




    I liked the Honda 07 :p

    I’ve not got any pics but here are my opinions

    Brabham BT55 – sub zero

    Mclaren MP4/10 – cool

    Renault 2008 – seriously uncool

    “Walrus” Williams – uncool

    Williams FW08 – cool

    Ferrari 1993 – uncool



    Arrows 02 – seriously uncool. Sorry Tommy!

    Renault R30-probably sub zero even if I do say that begrudgingly.

    R29 – cool. Everyone will say it’s uncool. So uncool it’s cool. True F1 geeks can smirk because they know that when ING stalked off it started to look better so we can bask in our knowledge because us F1 geeks are actually also cool.

    Mp4 24- chrome, hideous red, looks like a dog which was irnoic as for half of the season it was one.

    Walrus Williams – hideously, unbearably uncool. It’s so rubbish it deserves its own category.

    Lotus 77 sub zero.

    Alfa Romeo 159 – sub zero.

    Ferrari road cars should always be uncool as much as I love them but F1 cars I can’t fight it… Ferrari F93 sub zero. F10 cool.

    Williams FW11 cool

    Honda Earth car uncool

    7up jordan- cool

    Lola mastercard – I guess uncool but God I loved it, much like most Lola’s

    2000 Jag-cool

    Most people hated the 98 Benson & Hedges Jordan but I liked it so cool :P

    90 (mp4-5) and 97 Mclaren (mp4-12) – cool

    96 Jordan Peugeot – seriously uncool but the wasp was cool.

    1994 Pacific- seriously uncool

    the pink Brabham-seriously uncool



    Sorry Steph but Ferraris shouldnt have white on them in my opinion :p though I forgive you because you said the FW11 was cool and I was about to do that one too lol

    Is it going purely on looks TommyB89?

    Ferrari 412 1994 – cool

    Spyker 2007 – cool



    Thanks for ideas, any more car suggestions :)

    Ratboy: And yes looks and livery :)



    McLaren-Peugot MP4/8 – Uncool

    McLaren-Mercedes MP4/10 – Uncool

    McLaren-Mercedes MP4/13 – Cool

    Tyrell 003 – Cool

    Tyrell P34 – Sub-Zero




    86 Benetton definately cool!

    1985 lotus maybe biased but I think its cool



    make ‘cool’ blue not red. :D

    lotus JPS, william fw14b- sub zero

    seriously uncool- 2009 Renault



    ’93 Williams uncool

    ’97 Williams cool

    ’94 Benetton cool

    ’92 Williams Sub zero

    Seriously uncool for 2008/9 Renault

    95 Ferrari cool

    Just the first few that came to my head!



    ’93 Williams uncool

    But it was sponsored by Sega! :P

    Looks like you all agree on Renault 2008/2009 :)



    2000 Minardi – Sub Zero


    Tom L.

    If this is based on looks and livery, the Honda Earth Car has got to be cool! For all its shortcomings re. absence of sponsorship and on-track performance, it was an original and, to be honest, beautiful livery – the Earth is beautiful after all!

    The later Arrows were all very nice – the blue and white of ’97, the black of ’98, and the orange and black of subsequent years.

    The 1999 two-liveried BAR has to be cool.

    Uncool – those yellowy-green Minardis of 2000!



    2008 Force India – uncool

    2010 Mercedes – uncool

    1998 Williams – uncool

    2005 Renault – cool

    2009 McLaren – cool

    1996 Williams – cool

    1996 Jordan – cool

    1997 Arrows – cool

    1995 Ferrari – cool (but only from the front!)

    2009 Renault – OH MY GOD MY EYES, MY EYES!



    oo very true about the 96 Jordan. I’d add the 97 and 98 Jordans as well as the original 91 car (best looking car possibly ever :D)

    So 96-98 Jordans cool

    91 Jordan sub zero.

    @ tommy I know, it has sonic’s legs! The problem is that, that car is one of the ugliest cars i’ve ever seen winning races. So boxy and it just doesn’t look right to me! Sonic’s cool, maybe he can be a seperate entity on the wall :D

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