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    I know this is probably quite a weird topic to start, but I’m sure if you are like me, you’ve had a few dreams about F1. So this is your place to share them.

    I’m looking for the most plain dreams, all the way to the most extravagant weird dreams! (apologies if a topic like this has already been started, but I did look through the forum to check)

    I’ll start:

    I was walking along a road with a best mate I had back at school, with all the F1 cars going past (they looked more like drag racers, long and thin!) and we were talking as if he was a member of the Mercedes team. I asked him about his roll hoop structure and said that it was beautiful. We then bumped into Ross Brawn, quite literallly, knocking over his papers onto the floor. He then invited me and my mate into the Mercedes factory which happened to be just on the left hand side of us. So we go in, and Schumacher is there, with his red helmet on, and he pours us all a cup of tea (I think PG Tips). So we all sit there drinking tea, talking about Romans (I don’t know!).

    I then pop out of the factory, which has now turned into a meat factory, and bump into David Coulthard. We then take a walk and says he will show me the Red Bull factory, we turn up and he says “these are my favourite doors in London”. We walk in and it’s a Nandos restaurant! We joke that the team base is in the kitchen, and then I order a double chicken burger, lemon and herb, with two regular sides, (chips and coleslaw) with a bottomless drink. I then wake up!

    Please share, if not, I look like a freak who dreams about F1


    Dan Thorn

    I don’t recall having many strange F1 dreams – I have lots of dreams about Alonso winning races and I had one before the season started that after four races Button led the championship by 70 points, but I did have one strange, F1F based dream a short while ago…

    Myself, Steph and TommyB89 were all staying in a huge mansion run by Keith, except that inside was more like a country cottage with lots of stairways, nooks and crannies in it. The thing was that if anyone disturbed Keith in the slightest whilst he was working he’d sneak up behind you and issue a surprise draconian punishment, such as no food for a week. Eventually though we all learned where the decent hiding places in the house were and could always escape his fury…



    Smifaye you have an awesomely vivid memory of that dream, very entertaining :D


    Ned Flanders

    Great idea for thread. We always seem to be talking about dreaming on Twitter!

    I’ve had loads of F1 dreams myself, but most of them I’ve forgotten by now. One funny one I do remember was when there was a race going on in Monaco, Ted Kravitz was doing a mid race bit live from the pitlane when all of a sudden loads of cars crashed at the same corner. He went crazy, effing and blinding about how it was so terrible and a disgrace and a disaster.

    A lot of my F1 dreams in the past have been verging on nightmares, with images of horrible crashes and people being injured/ killed. There was one where all the cars were racing down the Hanger Straight on Lap 1 at Silverstone when all of a sudden David Coulthard’s car disapeared and he was sliding down the track in the path of the cars behind.

    In another, Fernando Alonso’s McLaren (must’ve been in 2007) took off over a jump Petrov style, and when he landed he was flung forward against the steering wheel, rebounded back into his seat and impaled himself on a big spike which had suddenly appeared behind his back.

    Basically, I need to see a psychiatrist



    Ned, that was hilarious! The Alonso one pretty much sums up the complete madness of dreaming!



    @dan Thorn – I purely laughed at it!!!

    @Ned – the Alonso one is lovely!


    Stephen Jones

    great thread!

    the ironic thing is that i had a dream kinda like that as well damon!

    week before AGP 2011, i dreamt that we had the meetup, and i came really late and you were all angry at me.. anyway, i got pitchforked or something crazy.. MAG looked like professor dumbledoor!

    I had my first crash dream 3 or so weeks ago.. (for those who don’t know, i’m about to race formula vee’s). I was running down the straight at Phillip Island, with some dude on my inside. Top speed into the flat T1, and the guy moves over to put his wheel in between mine.. Next thing we touch, and i fly into the air and roll 7 or 8 times.. was so real, i could basically taste the dirt.

    yay motor racing!



    The night before the Malaysian GP I dreamt that Kovalainen won and Hamilton hugged and kissed him on the podium. How weird.



    Man! Dreams can be really fudged up! @Ned that is pretty damn scary! I hate dreams like that, especially when they are being replayed and replayed and replayed over and over again! You can’t stop it!

    I had a dream a while ago about being in a car and sliding off the edge of the cliff, coming back on the cliff and sliding back off!


    Ned Flanders

    Normally I wake up if something scares me enough, so luckily I don’t have to sit through the same bad thing happening again and again!



    A while back I dreamt that I was walking along the bridge over Hangar Straight during an F1 race when I saw someone running along the circuit (clearly remembering that bloke who did it in ’03). I jumped down from the bridge onto the track (it was a dream :D) and ran after the guy trying to get him to stop. However just as I was getting near him he ran through a gap in the armco into a marshalls post. This meant I was left stranded on a 170mph+ section of Silverstone F1 circuit. As the full danger of this situation began to strike me I noticed a late 90’s black Zepter sponsored Arrows tearing towards me. With no time to get out of the way, I braced myself and fully expected to be splatted. Much to my suprise however, as the Arrows struck me its nose-cone merely broke off, causing a small cut on my leg. I picked up my impromptu souvenir and hot footed it through the afforementioned gap in the fencing, where a moustacioed marshal in a David Coulthard cap commended me for my bravery.

    I think Jackie Stewart was involved somewhere too but I simply cant remember fully. Even just writing this down again has made me laugh. :D



    Ha! @zazeems, that is fantastic! Such great detail! Especially like the line, “moustached marshal in a David Coulthard cap”. Brilliant!



    Even just writing this down again has made me laugh.

    Even just reading that has made me laugh too :D



    My god, your dreams are pretty much crazy.

    The last dream I remember I had one that included Formula One where I had became journalist (I want to do that in my real life) and was obviously covering the F1 championship. From what I remember we were at Suzuka and the race was starting and when the cars reached turn one they simply fell and disappeared into the ground. Then the grandstands started to fall and a big crack appeared on the track.

    Another one, this one very recent, maybe January this year. It was here at Portugal where we would have a Portuguese GP and when the race was starting the cars from the support races would just follow the F1 cars around the track. During the dream it became apparent that the portuguese people were putting some portuguese politicians in front of the cars and the portuguese drivers from the support races were just passing over them 3 times each car. I remember a track marshal then burned the bodies of the prime-minister, the leader of the opposition and of the president together with the IMF flag and some tecnicians from IMF. It was horrible, but at the same time it was amusing!!!



    I have had many where Fernando got past petrov in Abu Dhabi…

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