"Fatman After 1 Cardigan – HA!"

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    “Fatman After 1 Cardigan ‘ HA!” = F1 Fanatic Anagram Thread!

    Time for some fun! Post all of your best F1-related anagrams in this thread. Here’s a few random ones that I’ve thought up of to get us going (starting with the worst):

    Nico Rosberg: “Bog-resin, cor!”

    Mark Webber: “Kerb be warm”

    Jenson Button: “Job tent o’ nuns”

    Felipe Massa: “Pass me? A F** Lie!”

    Michael Schumacher: “Hi, camel chums! Reach!”

    Kobayashi: “I bash ya, OK?”

    Lewis Hamilton: “Hi! I stall women”

    Bernie Ecclestone: “Eel scent. Beer, Nico?”

    Jonathan Legard: “Long rant head, ja?”

    And my own personal favourite…

    Hispania Racing Team: “AAH! Pain in me gastric!”

    Here’s some F1Fanatic-themed ones for you…

    Ned Flanders: “Dr. Senna fled.”

    Formula One Fanatic: ‘FOM, I ran u alone. Fact.’

    Keith Collantine: “The ‘net coin killa”

    Now it’s your turn!

    (And yes, I did have one for ‘Magnificent Geoffrey’, but it was far too rude to post!)



    Aww Mag I wish you would have let us guess who each of the anagrams were!

    If anyone wants to guess mine then here you go…

    Anyone Rants

    Eloquent Spin (that is almost fitting)

    A Raced Readiness

    Human Jest

    Suicidal Grass

    Rarer If

    A Tubbier Rock

    They aren’t all racers by the way!


    Tom L.

    Virgin Racing: “Grin givin’ car.”

    After the fuel tank debacle, seems quite appropriate…


    Tom L.

    Eloquent spin – Nelson Piquet! LOVE IT!

    Suicidal Grass – Lucas di Grassi…

    Rarer If – Ferrari


    Ned Flanders

    We may as well stop this contest now. No one is going to beat Tom’s amazing Nelson Piquet anagram!!

    Edit- ah so this is Steph’s. Then muchos congratulations to Steph instead!


    Tom L.

    Ralph Firman – “MPH fail; R. ran”.


    Tom L.

    Ned – that was Steph’s, not mine! I just deciphered it!



    A Tubbier Rock = Robert Kubica

    Some others:

    La Sexy Mom

    Mullet Zoo Comedian

    A Riverboat Foil

    Corridor Seats

    Murky War Earl



    Nice work Tom. I was really hoping someone would crack the Nelson Piquet one. :D

    Murky War Earl – Murray Walker?

    Correct Paulgilb about Kubica. Tom all of yours were right too and I liked the Virgin one :D


    Ned Flanders

    OK I’ll give a it a go myself. I’ve never really tried anagrams so this could be either an abject failure or an unprecedented success. Here goes:

    Bruno Senna = Sun near nob!

    Jenson Button = UN nose job TNT (for when surgery just isn’t enough)

    Jaime Alguersuari = Real sugar?? I, Jamie?? I??!!

    Mika Salo = Salami KO

    Robert Doornbos= Rod booster born! (a baby destined to become an expert on male enhancement…)

    Scott Speed = Despot sect

    OK, so that was definitely an abject failure. Shame on you brain, you have let me down. But I can always rely on my ability to remember obscure Simpsons anecdotes, so here’s one about anagrams, from the episode ‘Lisa’s Rival’:

    Dr. Taylor: Join us in our anagram game…. Alec Guinness.

    Alison Taylor: [thinking] Genuine class.

    Dr. Taylor: Very good. Alright Lisa, um… Jeremy Irons.

    Lisa: [looks worried] Jeremy’s… iron.

    Dr. Taylor: Mm hmm, well, that’s… very good… for a first try. You know what? I have a ball. Perhaps you’d like to bounce it?



    Mag, this is the definition of awesomeness! I laughed uncontrollably at your anagrams!


    Mullet Zoo Comedian = Luca di Montezemolo?

    La Sexy Mom = Max Mosley?



    Anyone Rants = Ayrton Senna

    Humas Jest = James Hunt


    Tom L.

    Steph, I worked out your other ones:

    Anyone Rants – Ayrton Senna

    A raced readiness – Andrea de Cesaris

    Human Jest – James Hunt! Again quite appropriate!

    Ned – you shouldn’t be so harsh on yourself, I think Salami KO has a very good ring to it :D


    A Riverboat Foil – Flavio Briatore

    Corridor Seats, however, has me stumped…

    Edit: Oops, sorry Racer! You got there before me for Hunt and Senna!



    DNA of loaner son

    Split on Queen

    Pass me a life



    Tom L you’re right with all of them

    David A Pass me a life – Felipe Massa

    Here are some more from me too

    Spartan Oil

    A Moniker I Kink

    A Moaned Soften

    Hawk Hero Mint

    A Nuclear Monster

    Caner Crumble

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