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    I don’t know, just thought it was for fun. It seems very unrealistic and you can’t compare an F1 team to a football club. How many of you guys are actually going to invest serious money in it?

    But hey, best of luck with it. I’ll be cheering for you if you make it.



    @saints – We realise that it’s an enormous undertaking, which will involve a lot of time, effort and determination. Not to mention huge amounts of support. We make the comparison to other sports teams, because it shows that it has been done before. Clearly it’s unprecedented on this level, but so is everything, until something is achieved. Every large organisation in the world started with nothing. Nowadays, in certain ways, it’s even more difficult than ever, but there is no reason why that should stop us. If anything, it should spur us on more.

    I will also say that I have also invested time and money into the venture (with regards to our official site), and we can only hope that others will do so when the time comes :)

    After all, as mad as it sounds, if you fully supported a team, and wanted them to succeed more than anything, then with fan donations, that could well propel them up the grid. Not everyone will think this way, which is why we plan on giving fans as many benefits as we can think of (Which will be featured on the website). But more than that, we’re also looking for ideas from anyone who wants to get involved. What would people want out of this?


    David Not Coulthard

    What would people want out of this?

    Having a selfie of them as part of the livery for a race might attract quite a bit of interest – Red Bull&Force India have done something like that…….


    David Not Coulthard

    I’m thinking of how @keithcollantine might become a part of the strategy group……with luck and God…

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