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    Unfortunately no one else out in, so I’m passing this one on to @vmaxmuffin



    Cool! Thanks @pezlo2013!

    Ok… so there have been rumours over the last couple of years about Argentina returning to the Formula One calendar. Your task is to take any existing race track in Argentina and make it appropriate for use in Formula One.


    1) You cannot destroy any existing pit buildings or (residential/business) buildings around the circuit, however grand stands and ‘small/minor’ buildings shouldn’t be destroyed (use common sense).

    2) The new track must be 4.5-7km long, and it should use at least 33% (1/3) of existing track minimum.

    3) Pitlane must be at least 250m long, and its location must be described (or drawn in gmaps). An existing pitlane can be used, or a new one.

    4) Maximum of 18 corners, no minimum

    5) At least 1 straight at least 750m long with a hairpin (or any corner more than 90°) the end.

    6) Most obviously – it must be located in Argentina!

    I will be looking for a design that combines some long fast sections with flowing corners with some more technical sections too.

    Deadline is Monday 19th of May, 17:00 Australian Central Standard Time (+09:30 GMT), which is 07:30 GMT.




    6.05 km clock-wise circuit. The pit lane is the bit on the inside of the circuit. I thought I’d go for something different with it and have it skip T1 completely, but also T2 and come out at the exit of T3.

    I’m fairly sure the pit-lane would get away with not needing to destroy the current pit building… Though maybe a tiny bit at the end would need to go… Not that it was much of a pit building.

    Atleast 30% of the original track is used, though it would be widened to about 15 meters in all places, from its current 10.

    Pit-lane is about 600m long.

    There are either 16 or 17 turns, depending on whether the slight curve after T3 counts as a corner.

    I think the long straight is 900m ish.

    It’s in Argentina. Just outside Mar Del Plata.



    4,6 km starting at the dot first corner is long 180 right-hander
    pitlane along the start straight
    15-16 turns
    the s/f straight is more than 750m if you don’t count the t16 kink



    Re-Furnishing the Potrero de los Funes Circuit in San Luis, which is personally my one of my favourite tracks in America in general, 5.54km, same pitlane, 18 corners, (T7 just before 3km mark pending)…



    1 Hour to go if I’m correct?



    Since this still seems to be open, here’s my entry:


    It’s just below the maximum length and has 18 corners if I count every little kink. The pitlane is same as the original.



    Sorry I forgot to choose a winner yesterday, but the winner is… @retardedf1sh! (lucky for you that I forgot :P )

    I felt the circuit would create some good passing areas, some interesting technical ares and some more flowing sections.

    Your turn!



    You must give any of the current drivers a home GP, who does not have one. That leaves you with Finland, Denmark, Mexico, France, Venezuela and Sweden. Here are the rules:

    – It can be based on an existing track or be a completely new one, but it cannot be a street circuit. However, it can still have sections of existing road.
    – It must be located near a city with an airport
    – It must be between 4 and 7 km ion length
    – It can have no more than 19 corners, but should have more than 14
    – It must have a long straigth for overtaking, with a fast corner leading to that straigth and a slower one at the end
    – You can only destroy small minor building, no inhabited buildings

    I will announce the winner some time after the Monaco GP




    6.11km clock-wise circuit. I count either 17 or 18 corners.




    An upgrade to Jyllandsringen in Denmark. Track facts:

    18 Turns

    Start finish straight is the one where the trace starts, just after the final chicane. Pitlane would be built on the inside of that straight, with exit onto the straight and entry either before or after the chicane (not a big deal which way it was done).

    The track is less than 40km from Aarhus, and there’s a dual carriageway for about 2/3 of the way.



    Edit: ack, hold on.



    An upgrade to Jyllandsringen in Denmark.

    @vmaxmuffin No! You leave that track alone! It’s amazingly bonkers good fun on STCC2.



    @ajokay I know that’s why I tried to keep the existing track as it is as much as possible ;)



    @ajokay @vmaxmuffin Keep Calm, I’m gonna make a Mini-Nordschleife outside of Germany!

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