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    What would be your fantasy grid line up? I have been thinking a lot lately about livery and teams. I used to love the old days with lots of different colours on the track. If I had my way, a couple of cool things that I wish were possible would be:

    RedBull Racing with a livery similar to the can of energy drink. I love the silver of McLaren, and the amazing blue on the can along with the silver would be very interesting to see on the car! I think the Prost team used to have a very metalic blue? Not sure with Toro Rosso, maybe black for the Minardi tradition, and a red (Ferrari Red) bull. I love the bull currently on the Toro Rosso. To tie in the bull aspect, would be cool if Lamborghini could supply engines :-) lol.

    McLaren would make their own engines, and that aweome McLaren orange would look great on track! That would add some amazing colour.

    Also need yellow (miss the old Jordan days), and as much as the Renault looks fantastic this year (possibly the best looking car in the flesh at Albert Park), the car also looked great last year. Traditional yellow.

    That would mean Lotus can have the black and gold livery, not sure which engine would suit best?

    You need British Racing Green on the grid also, and what better name to have it than Jaguar. Or should it be Aston Martin? lol. Both would be nice, but also to have them make their own engines.

    Ferrari may be the only team to stick to tradition? Today besides Renault and Mercedes, the only team to make their own engine and chassis. They obvisouly cover the red on the grid.

    Mercedes can take over the amazing silver of McLaren (back to tradition).

    Williams? The dark blue livery used in testing I think would be the way to go. To keep Ford Cosworth in it, they can have them as an engine supplier.

    Would be nice to have the white and red of Toyota. Would also be great to have Honda on the grid, not sure what colour though?



    Oh, and feel free to add drivers past and present, and even future! And anything else that you would love to see in F1! :-)



    Good thread! I was watching the 1997 Argentinian GP and on the grid on the left there was a prost, stewart, ferrari and jordan. It was an awesome blue, white, red, yellow sequence of colours. I want more liveries like this, that are recogisable and not so busy!



    Something like this?


    I had to look twice, are they crazy mirrors at 0:42!?? LOL.



    ivz – They were “X-wings” if I remember correctly. Tyrrell created them out of some spare bits of carbon fibre in order to generate extra downforce. I think most teams adopted them by the 3rd or 4th round of the season (except McLaren and Williams) but they were subsequently banned by the FIA.



    This is my favorite fantasy grid line-up: (making it up as I go along)

    The only rules I’m following are that the drivers must have driven for the team at some point in their carreer.

    Jordan: Andrea de Cesaris / Giancarlo Fisichella (’91 car)

    Tyrrell: Jean Alesi / Stefano Modena (’90 car)

    Leytonhouse March: Ivan Capelli / Karl Wendlinger (’88 car)

    Sauber: Nick Heidfeld / Kimi Raikkonen (’01)

    McLaren: Ayrton Senna / Mika Hakkinen (’91)

    Ferrari: Alain Prost / Gilles Villeneuve (’82)

    Arrows: Jos Verstappen / Pedro de la Rosa (’00)

    Williams: Thierry Boutsen / Ricardo Patrese (’89)

    Benetton: Gerhard Berger / Alessandro Nannini (’86)

    Brabham: Nelson Piquet / Niki Lauda (’81)

    Ligier: Jacques Laffite / Didier Pironi (’80)

    Lotus: Elio de Angelis / Nigel Mansell (’78)

    Brawn GP: Jenson Button / Rubens Barrichello (’09)

    Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel / Robert Doornbos (’11)

    Minardi: Mark Webber / Fernando Alonso (’02)

    Hmm, can’t fit Schumacher anywhere in there.. And I’ve left out the real classic, pre-’70s drivers/teams.



    Jordan- Frentzen,Fischella

    Tyrell- Stewart, Bellof

    Sauber- Raikkonen, Heidfeld

    Lotus- Clark, Hill

    Williams-Mansell, Jones

    Brabham- Brabham, Piquet

    Ferrari- M Schumacher, Villeneuve

    Mercedes- Fangio,Moss

    McClaren- Senna,Hakkinen

    Red Bull- Vettel,Webber

    Benetton- Fischella,Berger

    Minardi- Martini, Trulli

    Brawn GP- Button,Barrichello

    Arrows- Warwick, Verstappen

    Renault- Alonso, Prost

    went for 15 teams. Put Prost at Reno cause I didn’t want to leave Hakkinen out

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