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    Rules & Regulations

    1.) There are 20 open spots. It is quite simple. The first 20 people to apply receive receive a spot. To apply, you state your number (in order) and the name you apply with.

    2.) In this game, every car is equal. The way you, as a team manager, can outclass your opponents is via car setup and strategy.

    3.) In order to participate in each race weekend, you must submit your race strategy and car set up by 12:00 PM CET Friday.

    4.) Qualifying results will be posted on Saturday. A Grand Prix Weekend will be held every Sunday.

    5.) There are 10 rounds in the championship. We are using the same formation as the previous F1 point system.

    6.) Quite simply, whoever finishes at the end of the season with the most points becomes the 2013 F1 Forum Manager Game champion!

    For instance. I am;
    Joey Zyla – #1.
    Next person state their name, then #2, and so on.

    I will explain how we set-up the car and make a race strategy on Tuesday, or when we have 20 participants in the game, whichever comes first.



    @keithcollantine Duplicate Thread!

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