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    I posted something similar yesterday, but it was swapmed by the masses of posts.

    I have set up an e-petition on the direct.gov website asking for the f1 coverage to remain free-to-air. as long as it gets 100,000 signatures, the topic will be debated in the house of commons.

    The petition is due to be released on August 8th, when I shall post again to alert people to this fact.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    This is the problem with fan campaigns: I’ve already seen at least a dozen other calls for them to take place, and I’m sure there’s more than a dozen more out there. You’re far stronger as a unified front than you ever could be divided.



    Well done mename2332, however Prisoner Monkeys does have a point. This though, I think, is one of the better ideas as, if it gets enough names, then there will be a guaranteed outcome.

    mename2332, posting a link would be most useful to technophobes such as me should you have time.

    Prisoner Monkeys, although I respect your opinions it is unhelpful simply to slate the actions of those trying to actually do something about what they see as an injustice. Picking holes in posts, having a defeatist attitude and criticising those of us attempting to be proactive achieves nothing. As an intelligent F1 fan please suggest a course of action, support or offer advice to those taking action or be silent and let those with heart and hope continue to try.

    If you’re not a help you are a hinderance. Please help.



    Prisoner Monkeys was being constructive. And he’s completely right!



    How many threads do we need? How many petitions?

    Thousands of people have set up petitions all with pitiful members in. If and it’s a big IF, anything will ever work you need to one petition rather than everyone trying to set one up themselves.



    Hi All

    I’ve already started my own petition, please read below and help me get enough signatures.

    There seems to be mixed feelings regarding the recent change to the broadcasting of F1 from next year, but here is my thoughts.

    I am a big F1 fan and so is my dad, and neither of us can afford the extra to pay to get Sky Sports. Im with Virgin and it will be an extra 15 a month and my dad only has freeview, so it will be approx 30-40 for him. If this deal is changed, me, my dad and millions of other F1 fans, could lose the chance to see the full F1 season or be forced to pay extra.

    As this has really upset me and my dad, I have decided to start a petition. I understand this will take a lot of signatures and backing to get it changed, but we need to stand up to them, theyve already taken most sport and unlike football fans, a lot of F1 fans like myself dont watch football, so therefore dont already have Sky Sports and if we could afford, we wouldnt get the benefit.

    Please help me and fellow F1 fans to keep the full F1 season available free to all by signing my petition.




    I would like to hear about your petition mename2332 as soon as it is live, so i can sign it and follow up all my current links to sign my petition. I was going to send my petition to everyone involved, but if the government will get involved, then great! Hope we can do something before F1 loses loyal fans that simply can’t afford. If it goes ahead and the BBC don’t get enough viewers next year, then F1 will be lost completely off free to view tv ;-(



    Point proven. Too many petitions.

    Sorry but they just aren’t going to work.



    We need to try, but we need to get all the petitions to everyone and the only way to do this is for everyone to pass it on. I’m not bothered whose petition we use, but at the mo, it’s better to make sure petitions get signed. It’s a hard task, but I’m not giving up so easy, I’ll sign as many petitions as there are running!



    Hi All

    There are several F1 petitions out there, I am trying to get them altogether to get 1 massive petition, here is a petiton that I would like to ask you all to sign and again pass it on, We may end up signing several different petitons for the same thing, but we need to do it


    Thank You for your support



    The petition won’t work for the simple reason that none of the parties involved have done anything wrong, F1 is not a protected sport on British TV and there is no reason to involve any of the regulators.

    Whilst it is frustrating to lose the coverage we currently have, it is, unfortunately, completely above-board. Of course, I would love all my F1 on free-to-air TV, but I’d like it for my cricket too, and plenty of other things.

    I do agree with the sentiment of all these things, but there simply is no need or justification for anyone in Parliament or otherwise to interfere in what is essentially a straight commercial decision which has been brought about of the BBC’s own doing, and the BBC have to cut something…

    Clearly, they feel the F1 is better to cut than something like BBC Four, and whilst I don’t like that, within their remit as a public service broadcaster, strictly speaking, something like BBC Four fits in with their remit more than F1.

    Sorry to be such a realist, but when I remove my own personal vested interest in not wanting to pay for F1, there’s not really much else wrong with this.




    We all know in our heads that this is a big task and altough i do not like Cricket or Football, I still believe it should be avaialble free to all and would have signed petitions, if I had received them, however, I still have hope and cannot sit back and do nothing.

    There is a slim chance the Concorde Agreement could have been breached, I myself doubt Bernie would make such a mistake, but


    The F1 teams, still have a big say in how the sport is run and there’s always a chance they may get involved.

    All we can do is make sure we contact as many of 1.6million viewers as we can and get them to sign the petition


    I have the backing of the F1 times editor, I just need the backing of the fans and we can at least try!



    Ok, I have another petition, with a lot more signatures, the signatures are adding up, we just need links to all the petitions, so we can merge them


    Thank You for your support


    Red Andy

    I think a letter-writing campaign would be more effective than these countless online petitions. It takes a bit more effort but is harder to ignore if the letters are directed in the right places.

    I’ve written to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, asking his department to consider placing F1 on the list of sporting events that are protected on free-to-air television. This is something that is specific, achievable and reasonable, rather than the vacuous ranting that has sometimes gone on in response to the news.

    I hope others will join me.



    Whilst online petitions, protest groups, writing to your MP etc. are all very laudable I’m afraid in this case I think it’s very unlikely to make any difference.

    I was involved in a long and expensive campaign to fight a change to a tax law for self-employed computer programmers many years ago.

    A group was created with many thousands of members contributing 50 pounds each to a fighting fund. Online petitions organised, MP letter writing, an Early Day Motion and even with a team of lawyers managed to get a Judicial Review in the High Court.

    We lost !

    Sorry if it sounds cynical, but we are stuck with it. Been there, got the T-shirt (and it was an expensive T-Shirt)

    I’ve missed one race in over 20 years, so I’m gutted.

    You are better off spending your time and money on a cheap digital satellite box and dish and pointing it at Astra 19.2E and watch it free on Austrian, German or French TV. Listen on R5 and switch channels between the adverts !

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