F1 mags 1995 – 2001

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    Been having a clear out in my parents attic, and have a box full of F1 mags from 1995 to 2001 – mainly F1 racing and F1 news, but a few autosports in there too.

    I haven’t touched them in 10 years, my parents want the space, and I don’t have anywhere to put them in my flat.

    I’d hate to throw them away, so if anyone has a desire to take them off my hands so I don’t have to send them for recycling I’d be grateful to send them to a good home.

    I don’t want any money for them, but they would need to be collected as it’s too much to post.

    I’m in North Leeds



    Awww man, I live in Florida, so I couldn’t pick em up, but I’d gladly pay for the cost of shipping. If theres any possibility of sending them over here then please let me know, I’d be willing to pay the cost if it’s not too much….



    Bit of a trek up to Leeds from London.

    Stick em on ebay? or charity shop?



    I’m in North-West Leeds…. :-) :-)


    sbl on tour

    ginnerchris, think you should go though them and keep a few of the best ones, then give the rest away to someone who will enjoy them!



    That’s really very thoughtful and kind of you Ginnerchris :)


    Oh. I thought this thread was going to be an in-depth look back at my time at Junior school when I saw the title.



    Interestingly, I’ve got 6 F1 Racing Magazines on my bedroom floor still in their packaging. I feel so awful as the subscription was a gift and I was really enjoying them, but I fell behind and I don’t fancy reading a preview for the Chinese Grand Prix or an article on Daniel Ricciardo’s chances of making it into F1 in the future…

    By the way, great thread. I hope someone gets some use out of them. :)



    I might take them off you. I work at cadwell park race track, i’m sure our marshal’s and maintenance crew would enjoy them in our breaks…. It depends how soon you want rid of them. I could come up in a couple of weeks (after payday) as my sister has just moved to leeds a couple of days ago, would be a good excuse to go see her in her new place too.

    If you need to get rid of them sooner, and someone is willing to collect sooner then i wouldn’t be offended if you gave them away.



    Hi Guys

    Sorry i didn’t reply – signed up to the feed of this topic, and only got your replies to my newsfeed today – weird.

    Anyway – polishboy – it’s quite a big box full and I dread to think what transatlantic shipping would cost – Rough estimate about $80.

    James-MC – email me at cjburland@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do.



    Oh crap! I live in Leeds and didn’t see this thread until now :( Anyway, it’s kind of you ginnerchris.



    James-MC – no email from you yet – do you still want these.
    If I don’t hear from you by Sunday, I’ll offer them to others on here who have enquired



    Iv e just cleared out the lift and found these again. Anyone want them? You’ll be to be able to collect from north Leeds.

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