F1 on TV over the holidays

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    Not seen if any of these have been mentioned, but there is some F1 TV programmes on this week, I only know of UK media, so feel free to add anything I miss.

    Thursday on BBC 2 (20:00) has a show about Stirling Moss’s career and has Patrick Stewart telling the story with Sir Stirling.
    Friday on BBC2 (20:00) TV chief James Martin takes us through the career of 3 times WDC winner Jackie Stewart.
    There is a 3rd episode thats TBA



    It was mentioned on Radio 2 last week that the third show is about Colin McRae.



    I think all of the Legends of F1 are up to dl. Good good watching.



    BBC red button is showing the last race of the season right now if anyone is interested.

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