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    OK, so I am looking for some decent screensavers that are motorsport related. Have discovered the ones from 07 and 08 on the F1 website and the Mclaren one. Was wondering if there are any others? Liked the 07 one but was a bit too much like a standard picture gallery. If I wanted that then I would use the built-in option to do that :P
    The Mclaren one from the other year is nice and still very functional, but those huge white borders at the sides bugged me after a couple of minutes and there are no settings to change the resolution or to move the tiles round at all from what I see.
    Ideally, I would wqant one showing some kind of movement. Would love to find one of say a car in a wind tunnel with visible smoke moving over the top of it or something. Would look really cool.
    Anyway, any suggestions? Or are people just using photo galleries? (I got bored of doing that as my desktop rotates between motorsport pics anyway so really the screensaver just duplicates this if I do it)



    I didn’t realise people used screen savers any more. But in the past I’ve always used motorsport images on rotation. Although now you can do that on the desktop so it doesn’t really matter.



    I was thinking that too about using screensavers, but as my PC is hooked up to my main telly and always stays on, I felt I should have something awesome to have come on after a while. Plus I have got myself a decent laptop working now so general browsing is done on that now

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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