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    I am a fan of the site F1 Rejects. Their profiles on obscure drivers and teams that just haven’t been up to scratch are often hilarious and make for good reading. I was on the site the other day, and while re-reading the “You lucky B**tard” article (about drivers who should have been on the site, but aren’t because of a flukey result) I got to thinking: “Who of the current drivers, qualifies for a profile on their site?”

    The criteria for avoiding a profile are that the driver must have scored:

    a 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st place; or

    a 5th place, plus any other top-6 result; or

    three or more 6th places.

    Incidentally, Narain Karthikeyan, who was my first candidate, avoids a profile because of his 4th place at Indy in 2005, possibly making him (and Tiago Montiero) the luckiest b**tards ever!

    P.S. I hope Keith doesn’t mind me plugging a rival site on his forum! I assure I have no links to the site whatsoever!



    As an avid user, I know this by heart:


    di Resta




    Di Resta




    No need to thank me.



    maybe the criteria are a bit out of date? an 8th place gives points for quite some time and since last year even a 10th place is “good”..


    Ned Flanders

    Nelson Piquet Jr is one that springs to mind, after his thoroughly flukey 2nd place at the 2008 German GP. But then he went on and finished 4th at the Japanese GP of that year, so I suppose he would’ve escaped reject status anyway

    LL- yeah, you may be right. A top 6 finish is hard to come by these days, but the best drivers usually get there eventually. But I suppose a driver doesn’t truly become a reject until they’ve gone several years without good results, so the likes of di Resta and Perez can hardly be seen as rejects yet


    Felipe Bomeny

    Monteiro had a strong drive to finish 8th in a grand prix (France?) that year. The main reason why tenth place gets a point as opposed to sixth place only getting one point in the past is due to imcreased reliablility.


    Tom L.

    I was actually very impressed by Monteiro in his first season, less so in hiss econd admittedly, but he at least showed that he was in F1 for a reason. He deserved a shot and got one.


    Ned Flanders

    Monteiro did seem good when he drove for Jordan, but I think the fact that he was so comprehensively outperformed by Christijan Albers proves that in reality he was pretty crap. Although, if the two Ferrari’s had’ve collided and taken each other out at Indy 2005- and they so nearly did- he would’ve won the race! It’s probably a good job he didn’t though, because the universe may well have imploded.

    Also, on the subject of Monteiro, consider this:

    Monteiro beat Karthikeyan

    Albers beat Monteiro

    Sutil beat Albers

    Di Resta is beating Sutil

    So, either Di Resta is really amazing, or the other three are really terrible! Or, more likely, the truth is somewhere between those two extremes



    Good work fellas!

    I have to say I still think that the current criteria are valid, a few 6th places isn’t really out of the reach of the drivers on Kolon’s list. The criteria actually show that the problem with modern F1 is that the cars are too reliable, I mean, would Christian Danner have scored a 4th place finish in a car equivalent to a Rial these days?


    Oscar Becker

    One driver that I think about is Sebastien Bourdais. Sure, he did score points, but as a 4-time CART champion you should be able to score more than 4 points while your (Less experienced) team-mate score 35 (Yes I know it’s Seb Vettel, but come on! “4-time CART champion!”), not to mention that STR even sacked him for a 19-year-old. Also, I think Karthikeyan should be No. 1 on the “You lucky b**tard”-list.


    Ned Flanders

    Michael Andretti is a great candidate for the Lucky Bstarad podium. (He may actually be on there already, I haven’t checked for a while). It seems incredible to think he actually got a 3rd place in F1, it must be one of the most forgotten podiums ever. Although, I suppose a solitary podium doesn’t sound as impressive when his teammate was winning multiple races…

    Also, while Bourdais was really disapointing, he was pretty unlucky at times too, at least in 2008. Think of all the points he dropped…

    – He retired from 4th late on his debut at the Australian GP (admittedly there were only about 8 cars left by that stage!)

    – He dropped from 3rd to 7th on the final lap of the Belgian GP

    – He stalled from 4th on the grid at Monza and lost a likely points/ podium

    – He was unfairly penalised by the FIA at Fuji which cost him 7th iirc



    definitely Bourdais is the opposite of what we are talking here, or, in other words, he should be on the “you UNLUCKY bastard list”, because, of those who have a profile on the site, he’s definitely the most unlucky one and shouldn’t be there; he was an unlucky bastard for not getting a podium on SPA (7th), for not moving from 4th on the grid on Monza (where Vettel won and he, starting 1 or 2 laps down matched Vettel’s race pace) and a couple of other shunts he suffered (being thrown off the road, for instance (I think in Brazil and some other GP)) on that end of 2008 where Toro Rosso was being competitive. No, he was no Sebastien Vettel, but he’s a damn good driver as his curriculum shows, not just the CART championships, but also his Le Mans series results and performances.

    EDIT: sorry for “repeating” your post, Ned; it wasn’t there just now (yeah, I also forgot that Australian performance, retiring from 4th ended up classified as 7th, but one more time his bad luck avoids him from avoiding a profile on F1 Rejects).


    Oscar Becker

    @Ned, Michael Andretti IS number 1 on the list ;)




    I think that that 2nd place by Piquet is one of the most-forgotten, certainly by myself! Ridiculous!


    Tom L.

    On the other hand his 4th place in Fuji was a deserved result for a good drive. End of, as far as I’m concerned.


    Ned Flanders

    It was a good drive, but he was driving the race winning car that day so let’s not get too carried away

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