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    I’m the sort of person who has always been against tattoos. Especially the ones that don’t have a meaning of importance behind it.

    However, lately I’ve been thinking that in the future I would like to get a tattoo of something that means a lot to me. The only thing (other than family) that means the world to me? Formula 1.

    After searching the internet I can’t seem to find any ideas that suit me. I want a tattoo that will only be understood by Formula 1 fans but that others will still find impressive.

    Any ideas? I’m a huge Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing fan.




    Just read through that topic now… not quite anything I was thinking of:-/



    Whatever you decide to get, wait at least a year before getting it done.

    Getting tattoos removed is a very painful process, as is getting a tattoo.

    You don’t want to get something done only to find that you don’t like it six months later, and trust me, this happens to a lot of people with their first tattoo.

    I’d recommend getting it done in Henna first, that way you can see how it looks on your body and how you feel about it several months later but you still have the security of knowing that it will fade away eventually.

    Also take into account that tattoos are addictive and that once you’ve had one done the urge to get more can be very strong so also make sure that whatever you get will look ok should you decide to get more done later on.

    No matter what go to a reputable tattooer, ideally one where someone you know has already been tattoo’d, and never go to the guy who happens to be the cheapest in your area. Your tattoo will last your entire life and you don’t want it messed up and looking stupid just so you can save a few pounds.

    Check out your national tattoo organisations, if you’re in the UK take a look at this site before you even think about it seriously:




    I’m only 14 so I’ll definitely have another 15 years thinking time before I actually go for a tattoo. Thanks a lot for the henna idea! I will definitely do that.



    wow if you’re only fourteen you really do have lots of time to think!

    Quite a while ago now, when I was 18-19, I really wanted a tattoo on my upper arm/shoulder…I didn’t get one due to a girlfriend at the time and suffice it to say it was without doubt the best thing she ever stopped me doing! haha.

    Personally I think small, amusing ones are best. Put somewhere that you wont be able to see even if wearing shorts and t-shirt. F1 I dont know, it would have to be something timeless and not too geeky/fanboyish. Be careful!



    I wouldn’t say wait a year before you get a tattoo. I’d just say think it through thoroughly. Getting a tattoo is a great experience and the reason they are addictive (if you want to put it that way!) is because you feel like you have achieved something after you have had one done. I have 2 tattoos and 5 years down the line don’t regret them in the slightest. I am saving to have a couple more as seen in the other thread. Just make sure you think it through properly.

    But definitely wait until you are 18!



    yeah, dont rush into it, thats probably the best advice. Remember that (unless you go to get it removed) its going to be on your body until the day you die, so what might be a good idea now might not be when ur 80years old and regret getting a tattoo of Narain Karthikeyan in his HRT



    Obviously wait a bit to make sure it’s not a phase.

    Small and discrete logos are better for a first rather than a huge in your face full back or arms tattoo!

    You like Vettel? How about his “S Vettel” triangle logo:


    Redbull fan too: A silhoette of their famous bull/ring/bull logo


    People always say you’ll regret it, but if it it’s on your upper arm, legs or back people won’t see it unless you are at the beach/pool. Most times you’ll be covered up, and when you are old you’ll rarely be under dressed in public!!



    Senna’s helmet profile



    I always liked this.


    Somes up the 2010 title chase and it is something only the fans that watched that season would understand.

    And it’s funny.

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