“F1 Should Stay Focused In Europe” – Where Else Do They Go?

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    Often I hear F1 fans say that the sport should stick to more to traditional European circuits and that far-flung venues in the Middle East and East Asia with no motorsport heritage are ultimately bad for the sport.

    But where else should/could F1 race in Europe? Not arguing, just asking. As a resident of North America I can’t say I know the racetracks of Europe as well as many who live there, but I can’t think of too many circuits which could handle F1 these days. These just that I know of, please add to the list if other circuits could do so:

    – Imola
    – Magny-Cours
    – Jerez
    – Valencia

    What else is out there which could feasibly hold an F1 race in the next couple years? Is it worth it to abandon some current tracks to go back to these old venues?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    None of them. Imola is just a series of chicanes. Magny-Cours has produced boring races in the past, and half a dozen reconfigurations in the final sector have done nothing to fix it. Jerez would just be another Barcelona: a circuit the teams know well because it is a winter testing venue, and will thus produce boring races. The Valencia street circuit would be universally despised again, whilst the circuit used by MotoGP is exactly that – a motorcycle circuit. Otherwise, there aren’t any circuits with the right grading from the FIA.

    This is the problem that the people who want Formula 1 to stay in Europe either don’t recognise, or are hoping they can blindly ignore: Formula 1 has out-grown Europe. A “racing heritage” doesn’t make up for the way it is no longer an economic powerhouse. It’s a wonder that more European races haven’t been dumped.



    Imola, Zandvoort (which will need a massive overhaul in circuit facilities, safety, traffic…), possibly Brands Hatch, Magny Cours, Paul Ricard, Portimao. And perhaps thinking outside the box: Cadours :)


    Nick Jarvis

    Nurburgring Nordschliefe!



    Ladies and gentlemen.



    Aish Heydrich

    A1 RBRing, Nurburgring Nordschliefe, Mugello, a new track coming up in Finland.



    Paul Ricard certainly. I think France does ‘deserve’ a race as much as any country so it would be nice to see. I never liked Magny-Cours really, but it never bothered me too much for that reason.

    I was disappointed that Donington fell through, not because I necessarily wanted the British GP to leave Silverstone (although I did quite like the look of the proposed circuit), but because it means the UK has no F1-worthy back-up circuit. No matter how secure the race appears to be, I find that a shame. Brands Hatch is far-fetched I think. I can’t imagine it ever being upgraded enough.

    The A1-ring is already returning of course, so people have had their way their. Aragon? I’ve never seen a race their, but it’s supposed to be great. Other than that I suppose the main thing when complaining about Europe is actually just securing the current tracks.



    Also maybe Gotland Ring one day.


    Jon Sandor

    None of the above, any European country wanting to host f1 would have to build a new track for the purpose. Kingshark has pointed out the defects in the existing contenders. Even the Red Bull Ring (note the correct name) is not a great F1 circuit. I like the concept of a French GP, but it needs somebody to build a suitable track in France.


    R.J. O’Connell

    Portimao Circuit has been a circuit I’ve been wanting for years. There’s an option.


    Loup Garou

    I too prefer F1 to have a lot of European races but certainly not ‘stick’ to Europe. There are some fantastic non-European tracks that should (and hopefully will) remain.
    – Suzuka
    – Interlagos
    – Canada
    – Australia

    To these I would like to add ONE (but not two) F1 race in the USA. Austin & New Jersey can alternate if they wish.

    Of the other current F1 circuits, IMO Bahrain, Singapore and Korea should be eliminated from the calendar. I have mixed feelings about India but on balance, I feel that it should go too. China will stay considering its position in the world today and Abu Dhabi too for the setting.

    Of the present European countires NOT hosting an F1 GP, the most obvious return would be France but I would prefer it to be at Paul Ricard (with that straight straightened again) rather than Magny-Cours. I am not in favour of a second race in any one country and so that takes Imola, Jerez and Valencia out. But I would like re-introduction of a “European” Grand Prix, perhaps alternating between the A1 ring in Austria and a refurbished Estoril.


    Max Jacobson

    Would Paul Ricard not be suitable for F1 races anyway? I was sure it was an FIA Grade one circuit? Same applies to Aragon and the Algarve International Circuit I believe.

    I do think your point is very valid though: I would only really wish to add France, perhaps Finland (although exactly where is an issue) and possibly the Netherlands. That’s hardly a massive extension to the European calendar.

    There would however still be the question of what to displace: I personally think the Korean GP in it’s current location is a bust, India would be nice in theory economically but again I feel it’s a bust and I don’t see Abu Dhabi and Bahrain as long-term members of the calendar. I’m not sure of Malaysia either: I do like the track, but is it a country particularly interested in the sport besides Petronas’ sponsor involvement? I’m not sure.



    Paul Richard has an FIA grade 1T licence, which basically means that the only thing needed for the full fat grade 1 licence is to build some proper grandstands and that sort of stuff.
    Not the most expensive job in the world. Relatively..



    I don’t think F1 should stay in Europe. The problem is simply that the new race tracks build around the world are always located as conveniently for the local fans as North Korean nuclear weapon test facilities.
    And they are all come out of the same mold. Same length, same number of corners, same type of corners etc.
    Old European tracks are usually different to each other. Monza and Monaco being the two extremes. And they usually bring a lot of spectators, have lots of grass and nature around. They are just lovely. Characterful.
    But it’s not only in Europe. Suzuka is a magnificent track. And so is Albert Park. Both, far, far away from Europe.
    The new tracks simply need to be more different from each other and less sterile. And of cause located so that fans can actually get to the circuit with reasonable ease.



    According to this table Paul Ricard has a grade 1 license but I don’t know how valid this table is because I can’t find it on the FIA website.

    Bernie was wanting to go back to Paul Ricard so maybe he put some money forward to upgrade the circuit to full status.

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