F1 sky deal update!

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    Master firelee


    It is nice to see that Sky are making an effort to please Formula One fans. However I still feel that there will be many fans who will still be upset.



    Meh, still £10-a-month more than I’m paying now… And it works out at £12 per race if you have to buy a year’s worth at once.


    Dan Thorn

    I really doubt that’s going to happen. They’ve never done it before, why would they make an exception just for F1?



    @ajokay how do you come to £12 per race? A year subscription would be £120, divided by 20 races is £6 per race. If it were monthly, it would work out at £90 for a season with £4.50 per race. (If my maths doesn’t fail me which it has many times previously……)



    @f1abw: It’s double that cost if you only count the races that won’t be available on the BBC, which is half of them.

    I haven’t seen confirmation of Sky’s plan to do that anywhere else, so I wouldn’t treat it as fact just yet. As Dan Thorn said, they’ve never done it before, with any other sport.



    @estesark I see where you’re coming from now. I would hope that it would be a monthly contract deal so that you only have to pay for the half you can’t watch already but that would be a highly ‘un-Sky’ way of going about it. It’s usually give as little away for as much as possible with Sky.



    I hope this is true, I have a basic Sky package which is £24.50 per month but I wasn’t willing to pay another £20 a month for Sky Sports which just isn’t good value. Sky would still be making money by charging via Freeview (Top Up TV?) or a basic Sky package, I guess they realised that not everyone who likes F1 likes other sports on Sky?



    Nope, still going illegal.


    Alianora La Canta

    £120 a year (less than a third of the original projected SD cost) would be interesting and at least shows Sky has some sense of the problem it’s got in using a model requiring mass sign-ups to an expensive system. I doubt I will be able to justify the additional cost even with that feature (especially since I’d have to buy a new box, to get one with an decryption card slot) but I think quite a few people will now.

    Dan, I think they’d make an exception for F1 if they thought the Freeview channel would enable them to make the deal profitable (because without something like this, I don’t see how they’d manage to break even on the deal).



    Does anyone from Australia know what OneHD are going to do? It doesn’t seem possible that we’re going to be given Sky commentary for free when everyone in the UK is paying so much for it.

    I just hope we don’t get Greg Rust and Beattie’s ‘commentary’.




    I am wondering the same thing… I guess we’ll find out soon enough.. I hope we dont have to go to Foxtel



    Which brings a good point; does anyone know what happens to Brundle and Coulthard?



    Beyond buying the TV or box, I have no intention of paying for anything on “free”view.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    There has been no word so far, @maksutov – but The Daily Fail is reporting that they will both go to Sky, where they will be joined by Nigel Mansell.

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