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    have just watched the 2012 preview on sky and all i can say is this “f1 on bbc is officially dead”.
    typically, sky have grabbed the sport with both hands and given it the beans. time will tell as to how it’ll all progress, but if the initial impressions continue, they will easily eclipse anything that has been done previously.

    for once, i don’t begrudge my subscription.

    *i have no connection to sky other than being a customer.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    And people said there was nothing Sky could do that the BBC wasn’t already doing …



    Is there? I thought it was okay but they all seemed very unnatural .



    I can’t comment on it’s quality, but there’s no way “f1 on bbc is officially dead” while there are millions of people unable and/or unwilling to pay to watch.


    I thought it was very good. But you’d expect that wouldn’t you, considering how much you have to pay for it.

    One of the things I love most about the BBC coverage is the rapport between Eddie, Jake and DC. That’s what I’ll enjoy from watching their coverage this year because Sky won’t be able to give me that same sense of meeting up with old friends that I’ll get with the Beeb.

    On an entirely unrelated note, I like to consider myself as a green person who is very environmentally conscious. I’m a fan of all of mother nature’s beautiful phenomena from the rainforests of South America to the serengetis of Africa. I’m an especially big fan of streams, and I have one particular favourite that I think many of you here might enjoy. If you’re a similarly green minded person who might be interested and would like to PM me about it, I’d be more than happy to share it with you. :-)



    I enjoyed the show, but as Mag said, you’d expect that. BBC F1 are good, but Coulthard is a rubbish commentator, and Jake is an idoit. Eddie however does provide quality entertainment, I’m not sure anyone part of the Sky Sports F1 team will do the same. I get the feeling the Sky is supposed to be more serious, which is fine as long as it’s not boring. The way things are at the moment, I will be watching every race on Sky, because it should be all round better than BBC.



    I thought it was a pretty good start. Simon Lazenby had great rapport with his rugby pundits and I expect that to grow as the season progresses. I liked the analytics sections – they seemed to go into more detail on the technology that the Beeb does too. Ted K looked a bit uncomfortable in a suit, but luckily Brundle came through with the gold neck chain. Still mystified as to why Georgie feels the need to wear so much makeup when she’s naturally very pretty. But her interview with Jenson was good.

    The proof of the pudding will be in the live coverage of course.



    For those of you who do not have Sky (like myself) the F1 Preview show is on Pick TV (Freeview channel 11) this Sunday at 10pm. I’ll be watching.



    Does anyone know where I can watch or download this show? I don’t need (nor can I afford) HD torrents or anything as I only have 60GB per month to play with.



    Apologies for longness, you might want to give up now……

    I approached this program hugely negatively; I hate the deal, how it was done, what it means for casual and avid viewers alike and that I believe it will be hugely detrimental to the long term health of the sport in the UK. For those reasons I want to hate this program and channel, but I’m trying to be fair to it and watch it for what it is.

    First annoyance was a technical one, the lip sync was out for the first hour or so which drove me insane!

    Lazenby and the pundits. I like most what they are saying but they don’t feel like a team, it doesn’t flow between them and just seems dull. I guess it will come with time, but it felt really forced to me. The fake set, the Jake-a-like ipad on the table (which clearly has no use, it’s not a live OB), Lazenbys ham acting ‘hmm that’s interesting’ face while the others are talking.

    Ted, pretending to swipe at a screen to make a car graphic appear in front of him, then waving his arms around at something that isn’t there like a weathergirl. You can see on his face he thinks he looks like an absolute tool doing it, and unsurprisingly that results in him looking like a an uncomfortable tool. The graphic is slick though.

    Pinkham annoys me but at least seems to know what see’s talking about and had rapport with Webber. The other girl talking at Button in some sort of leather dominatrix out fit is just sooo out of place, amazing where a pretty face will get you.

    The biggest problem with ‘the full Sky Sports experience’ was present and correct as expected… We’ve got this coming up after the break…a few seconds clip of what was coming up….back from the break clip of this is coming up….to the sofa for an introduction of what it is that’s coming up, then we finally see the report that has been coming up for so long (and we’ve seen so many clips of it we’ve seen half of it.) Drives me mental, stop it! There were also too many repetitions of sections, like the calendar and promos of ‘legends’

    Positives include the little intro and outro clips of stats and chats from usually unseen team members around the ad breaks. I hope there’s plenty of them and they don’t start coming round again too soon. Also a highlight was an underused Ant at the infuriatingly named ‘sky-pad’, with an unnecessary dolly standing next to him.

    Overall the team needs trimming down, the girl who’s name I don’t know can go and I think the chat would work better with Ant and Damon leaving Brundle in the box and making features. The fact the two hour program was repeated an hour after it started also shows the glaring problem with this channel – a whole channel is just not required and in the long term is bound to be absorbed into standard Sky Sports (once it is too late for it to go back free to air, that is).

    There was nothing much horrific about this program really, but also I fail to see what was so amazing. In fact many of the little segments (especially the pre credits and pre records) were very BBC in their production style and didn’t really give us anything we hadn’t seen before. To say F1 on the BBC is officially dead on the back of this program I find utterly bizarre, the real proof will be in the live races and I can see issues with the Sky commentary pairing. Only time will tell.

    So I’m undecided. I intend to watch both for the first few races and take it from there, the most important factor I think will be the commentary. I want to stick with the BBC, I’ll see if I can get on with the highlights package and if not either jump across to Sky or just give up, both of which would make me incredibly sad.


    I have to say, I completely agree with @peteleeuk about Georgie Thompson. They’ve already got Nat Pinkham, why is she needed when she clearly has nothing to do with F1?



    Great post, @peteleeuk . It sounds just like all sports coverage I’ve seen on Sky – technically impressive, but with too many pundits, some of whom contribute little and some of whom shouldn’t be there at all. The BBC, over the last couple of seasons, have been great at making the viewer feel like part of the team, while most sports on Sky make me feel like I’m merely watching a team, who aren’t particularly comfortable working as one.



    Well I have to say I’m looking forward to the promised in-depth tech features with Martin that we couldn’t have on the BBC. Just hope they’re not patronising for the casual viewer.



    Like damonsmedley said, is there any torrent available? Haven’t found any myself.



    Flashy Graphics, facts and great analysis…equalls…Great. I felt 2 hours was rather too long however it seems fair consdiering its the first programme to air and it was full of important information, although I would personally likes them to focus on testing and the cars differences rather than the Mercedes daily routine. Besides that, it was excelent and although the Graphics provide excelent analysis, especially ted Kravits Mclaren evalutation, it will take a while to get used to it!
    So good by BBC!

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