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    It’s a lazy Sunday evening and quite frankly I’m sick of waiting for Spa so thought we could reminisce about lovely/inspirational F1 stories.

    Are there any stories, cases, quotes that warm your heart? :P

    Lauda likes to have his say but I’ll always respect his absolute bravery after the Nurburgring. He’s a hero just for that.

    Nannini won my heart in much the same way. I’m glad he got to win in F1 before his accident though.

    I liked how after Minardi’s 5th in Aus 2002 all the teams in F1 sent champagne straight to the team to celebrate. That was sweet.

    My favourite Massa has been caught up in a rather good tale. Lost out in 08 in the most dramatic style possible, came back and showed his worth in a dog of a car to be nearly killed and then came back after having a son and hasn’t done dreadfully. Then there was Germany…

    Seein a Toro Rosso win and a FI pole were other big moments.

    One of my favourite ever quotes was from Alain saying that Gilles was the last of the great racers and that they were now all professionals.

    So are there any stories or quotes that have stuck with you? Any huge achievements or small victories? Maybe just small stories or moments that make the sport seem more human.



    The happiness and tears when Moreno finished 2nd in Suzuka in 1990 was great, very emotional

    and Spa 1998 with Jordans first ever win especially as it was a 1-2 in a very difficult race


    sbl on tour

    austria 1976, john watsons first gp win in the penske ford, in those days F1 wasnt quite as well covered in the media as it is now, had to wait until 7 pm to hear the result on the radio on bbcs sunday sport, could not believe he won, it was a magic moment for john and for northern irish motorsport and me

    happy days

    ps he shaved his beard off too!


    sbl on tour

    also although i,m not a massa fan, I think the dignity that he and his family showed when he lost the championship to hamilton was a mark of the man and his dad, I did want hamilton to win that day, but I ive often thought that maybe daddy hamilton and his entourage may not have behaved in the same way




    The Ferrari 1-2 at Monza 1988. Mclaren’s going for the perfect season and had utterly destroyed everyone and everything all year only to go to the first Italian GP after the old man’s death and miraculously the Ferrari’s had some pace. Senna was pressured into a risky pass on a backmarker and the rest as they say is history

    As for ones I actually watched the best story would have been Hill winning in Hungary 1997, shame it didn’t happen. So many people underestimated just how good a driver he really was and said he couldn’t win without a Williams but he dominated that race in an Arrows that had no right being anywhere near the lead of a Grand Prix. As a 7 year old Damon Hill fan I found it all very traumatic, but I guess looking back 2nd place in that Arrows was still a sensational result.

    Fisichella’s win in Brazil 2003 was brilliant, just a shame that McLaren tried to take it away from him.

    Hockenhiem 1997. “I couldn’t be happier, Formula 1 couldn’t be happier!”

    Also there was an interesting story I remember about Alonso at Brazil 2008. As McLaren celebrated Alonso went to the Mclaren garage to congratulate the team and Hamilton on winning the championship. After all that had gone on the year before it was very big of him.


    sbl on tour

    hill , hungary, yeah I agree, I was gutted he didnt win that one (listened to that on the radio as we were out )




    Lord Hesketh saying he may as well fail in F1 as it wasn’t much more expensive than F2.

    Hunt – apparently he was meant to be testing (perhaps a Mclaren) and got out and went to sleep.

    Kimi entering his snow mobile race under Hunt’s name or at least an anagram of it I believe.

    Not quite F1 but Mansell after breaking his neck, defying doctors and carrying on racing to eventually reach F1. I liked that. He always found himself in scrapes but never gave up which reminds me of a few of Gilles V’s races…

    Speaking of Gilles V if I recall correctly he sold his home so he could race which I think was before he discussed it with his wife.

    I’m a bit exhausted so sorry if any aren’t quite accurate :P



    Brawn’s rise from the ashes in 2009 was a good story.



    Jackie Stewarts reaction to his teams second place at Monaco,

    The whole Frank Williams story too from his beginnings to his accident and back to the front again is a great story for F1



    Barrichello’s first win, only time I’ve ever cried at an F1 result (I don’t know why).

    Japan 1996, ‘And I’ve got to stop because I’ve got a lump in my throat.’

    Button winning the championship in near enough the exact same way Hamilton did the year before (Car 22, Mercedes power, finishing 5th, outgoing champion finishing 3rd). Nice coincidence.

    Schumacher finally getting his championship for Ferrari.

    And there are a million tales of gentlemanly conduct from the old days. One of my favourites is Fangio apparently letting Moss by at the last corner at Silverstone to win his home race.



    Always remember Japan 1996, ‘And I’ve got to stop because I’ve got a lump in my throat.’

    Brundle’s “YES!” When Hamilton overtook Glock in Brazil 2008.

    Vettel’s team radio after Monza 2008. “I don’t know what to say” A Toro Rosso win, I could never have even dreamed it!



    Also always remember many of Murrays reactions to Mika Hakkinen.

    Also Germany 1999 but I can’t find a video for that. “Mika Hakkinen…Mika Hakkinen…Mika Hakkinen…BANG!”



    Brazil 1991, Senna won his first home GP without 3rd, 4th and 5th gear. He had to use only 6th gear, so in slow curves he risked to stall. His scream after the finish line is memorable…



    Jean Alesi winning the 1995 Canadian GP in the #27 Ferrari, the first F1 result I can remember (I also remember being annoyed because my mother had brought me to her Sunday cleaning job and I was bored stiff, only to turn on the TV an hour in to see the podium ceremony…)



    “Jean Alesi winning the 1995 Canadian GP in the #27 Ferrari, the first F1 result I can remember”

    It’s my earliest F1 memory as well, but I only watched it a week or so after when I went round to my grandads and watched it on video. I think the first race I watched live was Silverstone 1995, but I lost interest once Hill was out lol

    Brazil 2008. Brundle going “is that Glock? is that Glock?!?!?” and Allen going “it is!!” didn’t warm my heart exactly but I’m sure its up there with “and Solskaer has won it” for a lot of people

    Hungary 1997, Murray Walker at his best as Hill looks to pass Schumi ” ‘Move over!’ You can feel him saying in the cockpit ‘I’m going through!’ Damon Hill leads! Oh Boy!” Its in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sySTUEpCP8E&feature=related

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