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    Guys, ‘m new to F1 designing.. and i have some doubts regarding the suspension system..
    It is clear that a double A arm suspension is to be used.. But my concern is the instant center
    DO they use positive or negative camber?. In case of Positive camber,he upper wishbone is inclined downwards right?, which means the instant center would be outside the vehicle.. In such case, the wheel tends to tip out.. Affecting handling… And if its negative camber.. Why Negative?



    You may want to ask Craig Scarborough, who’s one of the top technical F1 experts on Twitter. He’s @scarbsf1.


    Ryan Williams

    Negative camber is the way to go for F1 cars. This optimises the contact patch for the tyres, and also improves cornering grip. Red Bull are famous for pushing the boundaries of negative camber, such as at the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix when they blistered their tyres running camber angles outside Pirelli’s recommendations.

    This picture shows the entire 2012 field running negative camber!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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