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    I’ve drawn a composite circuit of some of the best corners in F1 and thought I would share it. It would be an amazing track to say the least.




    Imagining the havoc of the first real turn after the start, your turn 2. More cranes would be needed. Very interesting course, get the altitude changes from the Spa series, pretty nice. What’s the computed length of the course?



    Interesting, though you got some corners the opposite way, didn’t you?

    I’d just put the Abu Dhabi’s long straight as the pit straight and Loews as turn one with no run-off areas :)


    James Brickles

    Interesting take on the circuit there.



    Now, if only the FIA would approve this ;)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I find these “greatest hits” circuits to be a little boring. A lot of those corners work because of the attributes of the entire circuit. If, for example, you put Pouhon after 130R, it would be very different compared to a circuit with Pouhon after the Parabolica. The setup required for each corner would be completely different.

    That said, if I had to string together some of my favourite corners, I’d include the following:

    – Turns 5 and 6 at Albert Park

    – Turns 3, 4 and 5 at Montreal

    – Tabac at Monaco

    – Descida do Lago at Interlagos

    – Turns 5, 6 and 7 at Buddh

    – Turns 7, 8, 9 and 10 at Yeongam

    – The Schumacher-S at the Nurburgring

    – Turns 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 at Sepang

    – Turns 2, 9 and 10 at Austin

    Though not necessarily in that order.



    I don’t know what the length would be but I suspect it would be too long. Probably 5 miles or more.

    I don’t think there would be any more incidents into turn 2 than there are at any other real circuit. It’s like a mashup of Brazil and Malaysia/Korea which are all OK in terms of ‘first major breaking points’.

    Certainly many of the complexes are in reverse, but the flow would be similar and I’ve tried to imagine a similar entry speed….but of course this is all just a fantasy. It’s something I’ve been thinking about since I was a kid and finally just attempted to illustrate.

    There are so many more great corners and complexes, but I had to keep it to just a few. The frantic swimming pool complex in Monaco is great, but I couldn’t fit it in…and the are so many others. ALso, I really hope Austin has something new and cool to offer. India, too.

    Thanks to Keith for putting this in the round up. It TOTALLY made my day. I love this site and read every word of it…every single day.

    Cheers from Ohio (US) -Doug



    Hi Doug !

    I really like your choice of curves there !

    It seems you like fast flowing curves. And rightly so, nothing more boring than singapore-like left, throttle, brake, right, throttle, brake, right, throttle

    I’ve created a track myself some time ago, and i’d like to share it with you as well: i’ll try to create a topic for it.

    EDIT: I’ve tried to create a topic, but every time i validate to create it says :”topic not found”. How weird is that ?



    My dream circuit would go like this:

    1000 m pit-straight,

    Schumacher S (Nurburgring)

    250 m straight,

    Ascari Chicane (Monza)

    400 m Straight.

    130R (Suzuka)

    200 m straight.

    Fagnes (Spa-francorchapms)

    200 m straight.

    Senna S followed by Curva Sol (Interlagos)

    800 m straight.

    Turn 8 (Turkey)

    500 m straight.

    Parabolica (Monza)

    750 m straight.

    Copse (silverstone)

    200 m straight.

    Beckets-maggots (Silverstone)

    550 m straight.

    200R followed by Spoon (Suzuka)

    300 m straight,

    Eau Rouge and Radillion (Spa-francorcamps)

    350 m straight,

    Turns 5-6-7 (2004-2009 Bahrain)

    500 m straight,

    Degner (Suzuka)

    500 m straight,

    Pouhon (Spa-francorchamps)

    400 m straight,

    Champions Chicane (Montreal),

    300 m straight.

    Bridge, Prior, and Brooklands (2009-Silverstone) to finish the lap. For anyone who didn’t notice, it’s anti-clockwise.

    Anyone wanto aak Hermann Tilke to design this? :P


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Your circuit is too long. The FIA states that no circuit should be over seven kilometres. Yours is over eight. And that’s without factoring in the length of the actual corners (ie you have Turns 5, 6 and 7 from Bahrain).





    a couple of video’s I made that tries to create a circuit using all the best circuits of the world. Both would almost be complete loops too (Brazil’s kink would have to go right but).



    Your circuit is too long. The FIA states that no circuit should be over seven kilometres. Yours is over eight. And that’s without factoring in the length of the actual corners (ie you have Turns 5, 6 and 7 from Bahrain).

    That’s why it’s called a dream circuit. Too many good corners, I just couln’t leave them out. :)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    You could feasibly keep them all and come in under the maximum allowable length – just shorten the straights. Like I said, you’ve got eight kilometres of straights. Surely eight straights of over half a kilometre long is completely unnecessary?



    Come on PM; can’t a guy have a dream in peace?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Well, sure – but if he shortened each of the straights by 50%, his dream could be realised.

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