F1's temper tantrums and biggest bust ups

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    We all saw what happened with Pastor and Hamilton and you can draw your own conclusions from it but clearly there isn’t a lot of love lost there. It got me wondering though about other instances where a driver has seemingly lost their rag completely either with a fellow competitor whether on track or after a session, the press or team. There are few obvious choices such as: Piquet and Salazar and their punch up, Schumacher running to the Mclaren garage screaming that DC had tried to kill him at Spa, JPM shrieking about Raikkonen over the radio, Alonso apparently threw his helmet across the garage at either Spain or China 07 after qualifying I think it was Spain, and Hulkenberg last year at Valencia took his rage out on the tyre barrier by kicking it repeatedly.

    Can you think of any other mad moments? There’s been quite a few instances of brake testing but I struggle to think of another time where a driver took a swipe at another with their car in the heat of the moment.


    I can think of a couple of temper tantrum moments in F1 recently involving Alonso,

    Alonso, Alonso, Alonso, Kimi, and Alonso.


    Dan Thorn

    Just off the top of my head, Piquet and De Cesaris had a coming together at Loews Hairpin back in 1989 and sat in the car arguing about it, which I always find hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GiFfcClDnY

    There’s a great Jim Bamber cartoon of that incident in one of my books…



    Senna punching Eddie Irvine in the face is my favorite because not many people bring it up anymore ( as opposed to Senna and Prost at Suzuka)



    Senna punching Irvine is probably not brought up too often because theres no footage of it. At least not available to us.


    Tom L.

    Here’s one someone posted on the round-up yesterday: Graham Hill having a tantrum at 13:25!

    Trulli vs Sutil:

    Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ_XGdYqS_A

    Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfRVctse_KQ

    Fisi vs JV:

    And this isn’t a bust up in the truest sense of the word, but passive aggressive ones are just as amusing! Ross Brawn vs Patrick Head:




    Surely a discussion about tantrums and bust-ups cannot happen without this being mentioned


    it is of course Nelson Piquet vs Eliseo Salazar in the 1982 rumble in the jungle of Hockenheim

    and as Steph started this:


    Mr Massa shows Coulthard that he was 1st to the apex



    Interesting that they called that a good move. In recent years I’ve seen moves like that being punished.



    I don’t know about bustup, but does Alonso vs Massa in 2007 Nurburgring count? And Alonso vs Petrov after Abu Dhabi ’10?



    The last one you mentioned was the worst, Magffrey. That was very dangerous and I’d never seen that before.

    Dan, that’s brilliant! Thanks for sharing! :D

    I only read about the Senna – Irvine altercation just the other day, and I must say, it sounded pretty intense!

    Don’t remind me of Trulli and Sutil! I remember being so worried it was going to turn into a Piquet-Salazar style argument! Unlike most of you, I love it when everyone gets along. :)



    As for some more examples… Vettel’s gesture had me fuming and really put me off him for the rest of the season and I’m only really starting to forgive him now for that.

    Vettel again.

    And again…

    I think Sebastian has been supreme this year, but I hope you’ll all forgive me for despising him last year! :P


    Dan Thorn

    Remembered this one last night. It’s probably the worst I can think of, and it contains some unfortunate violence and extreme language. It gets pretty graphic.

    WARNING: Not for the faint hearted




    By the build-up I knew what that one would be!

    I can’t find a clip of it but there was one race in 1995 where after they’d had one of their many collisions, you could see Schumacher talking to Hill (might have been Monza) and Murray was saying “And there is the lie that that these two are implacable enemies”, then when he asked Hill about it later and told him how he had been saying “look at that, they’re really good chums after all” Hill said “Well not surprisingly Murray, you were wrong!”



    Oh dear, I’ve come to some amount of grudging respect for Alonso over the years. Watches those videos takes me right back.

    I’d also add any time Hamilton hasn’t got what he wanted. Notably Australia last year I think.



    Didn’t Fisichella storm to JV’s garage a few years back?

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