falling asleep on a sunday afternoon

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    sbl on tour

    now be honest here, how many times have you fallen asleep watching a gp in the past few years, I must say that I have been guilty of this from time to time, mind you the advent of the red button has put a stop to that scandelous behavior!


    ps found myself nodding off in barcalona last year, but that was probably cos it was a rather long (sblot) trip!!!


    Ned Flanders

    I’ve never actually fallen asleep during a race. Although metaphorically speaking I’m ofen snoozing after the first round of pit stops…



    Only once, and that was because I hadn’t slept for literally 25 hours coming up to the race. But hey, it was only Bahrain this year, which subsequently, I was planning on going to…but only for a few laps.



    I once fell asleep when the pre race show started & woke up 45 0 minutes before the start of the race. & once in qualifying I woke up just 8 minutes before the start. Every time I go to sleep on Saturday & Sunday on a F1 weekend I make sure I have two alarms waking me up 10 minutes prior to the race start.



    The first race during my vacation in Poland I woke up less than 5 minutes before the race! I wasn’t used to polish tv times and had went downstairs to eat lunch (yes I sleep from 12:00 at night to 6 in the morning and then from 11 noon to usually 1 pm during my vacation because I can) and looked at the clock, I was horrified! I overslepped by like an hour! Not knowing what channel it was on I fumbled through the channels (luckily only about 20) to finnaly find it, just as the pre race guy said “it’s race time” (in polish of course)


    Dan Thorn

    Never. I even happily sat through Indy 05 and I still have it on tape somewhere, waiting to be watched again. Though I fear it could be waiting along time…



    I many years of following F1 I can only remember falling asleep three times during a race – Australia 1997 and Belgium 1998.

    ’97 was the year when Villeneuve qualified on pole by a mile and was expected to stroll home. I fell asleep just before the start, missed the first corner crash and came to wondering what on earth had gone on.

    The 1998 race was following a very late night out and meant I missed seeing enormous first lap shut live. Again, woke up to see a Jordan 1-2 and wondered what on earth had happened.



    I’ve never fallen asleep during a race, but races have often interrupted sleep!



    well the european races start at 7 am for me, so I’m usually battling sleep throughout a gp



    I do it a few races a year, can’t help it sometimes.

    Fallen asleep on the phone/in a club a few times too :)


    Dan Thorn

    Falling asleep in clubs, done that a fair few times!…I’ve actually been kicked out of one because of it. here’s nothing better to do when you’re the designated driver after all!



    I fell asleep during Singapore 2008 after about 10 laps.I was amazed to see Alonso leading then when I woke up with 9 laps to go.I thought there was something fishy at the time.After that I recorded grand prixs so I don’t miss important parts.



    I used to nap all the time during races when I was little because it’s quite a monotonous sound, and sitting in a warm living room after a big Sunday lunch made me nod off quite a lot, especially if Dad had let me have a bit of beer with lunch too hehe.

    In recent years though I don’t tend to nod off any more, once or twice during the China 2008 race cos it was boring and super early in the morning, and probably a few other really early races or when I’ve just woken up before the race and a little hungover.



    I did keep falling alseep during last year’s Japanese GP qualifying. Though it was about 5 in the morning, and the red flags made sure that I didn’t miss too much. But other than that, I never come close to falling asleep.

    My brother however always ends up falling asleep, though he doesn’t like F1 so that’s understandable.


    sbl on tour

    singapore 08, now I remeber , piquets crash actually woke me up, good auld flav!


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