Fantasy F1 field and season (very geeky and nostalgic topic).

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    As someone who think I know my F1 history I thought it would by fun to put together a F1 field and season with my favourite teams, cars, drivers and tracks from F1 history. The rules are simple. Max 13 teams. Name car and drivers for each team (the drivers must have raced in F1). The drivers are not necessarily the best drivers and some of them never even raced for the team I chosed for them to be in. Chose max 22 tracks for the season.
    Here’s my list. What would yours be? :-)

    Scuderia Ferrari . Ferrari F2004. Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda.
    Jaguar Racing. Jaguar R5. Antonio Pizzonia and Eddie Irvine.
    Jordan Grand Prix. Jordan 199. Heinz Harald Frentzen and Ralf Schumacher
    Team Lotus. Lotus 79. Ayrton Senna and Emmerson Fittipaldi.
    McLaren Mercedes. McLaren MP4/13. Mika Häkkinen and Jan Magnussen.
    Mercedes. W196. Wolfgang von Trips and Sir Stirling Moss.
    Arrows Grand Prix International. A22. Jos Verstappen and Carel Godin de Beaufort.
    Williams F1 Team. FW16. Juan Pablo Montoya and Tom Belsø.
    BMW Sauber F1 Team. F1.08. Jacques Villeneuve and Nick Heidfeld.
    Tyrrell Racing Organisation. Tyrrell 006. Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark.
    Minardi F1 Team. PS03. Ronnie Petterson and Nicolas Kiesa.
    Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo 159. Juan Manuel Fangio and Alain Prost.
    Hesketh Racing. Hesketh 308B. James Hunt and Kimi Räikkönen.

    Tracks (I know a few has never actually been raced in F1):
    Nürburgring. GP-Strecke 2002-present.
    Silverstone Circuit. 2000-2009.
    Montjuïc Park.
    Hockemheimring. Before 2002 redesign.
    Sepang International Circuit.
    Roskilde Ring.
    Circuit de Spa Francorchamps. 2007-present.
    Nürburgring. Nordschleife.
    Reims-Gueux. 1954-1972.
    Circuit de Rouen-Les Essarts. 1956-1970.
    Adelaide Street Circuit.
    Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Brickyard.
    Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Combined Course.
    Hungaroring. 2003-present.
    Circuit de Moncaco. 1997-present.
    Pescara Circuit. 1957.
    Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez. Grand Prix Circuit.
    Suzuka International Racing Course. Grand Prix Circuit 2003-present.
    Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.
    Albert Park.
    Nürburgring. Combined Circuit 2002-present.



    Arrows Grand Prix International. A22. Jos Verstappen and Carel Godin de Beaufort.

    Great line-up :)


    Iestyn Davies

    Nice! Some interesting picks there too, along with tracks. Some I recognise from GPL but haven’t actually driven! Like Roskilde Ring! I would probably do something like a GPL era fantasy team & Season.. Otherwise than that it’s hard! But I tried to do one in the past..

    Ferrari: Schumacher, Ascari (G. Villeneuve) [F2004/2002]
    McLaren-Honda: Senna, Hamilton (Hakkinen, Hunt) [MP4/4]
    Williams-Renault: Mansell, Jones (Rosberg/Reutemann/Montoya) [FW18/19]
    Lotus-Ford: Clark, Peterson (Andretti/Fittipaldi) [Lotus 88/79/49/33/25]
    Mercedes: Fangio, Moss (Caracciola, Von Brauchitsch, Lang) [W196]
    Renault: Prost, Alonso (Arnoux, Trulli) [Best Turbo car/post-GE]
    Maserati: Villoresi, Behra (Gonzalez, Chiron, Musso). [Maserati 250F]
    Alfa Romeo: Nuvolari, Farina (Fagioli, Giacomelli, De Cesaris). [Alfa Romeo 159]
    Tyrrell-Matra: Stewart, Cevert (Scheckter, Depailler, Bellof, Alesi) [Tyrrell 001/003/006]
    Brabham-Repco: Brabham, Piquet (Gurney, Hulme, Ickx) [BT19/BT46B/BT49]
    Cooper-Climax: Rindt, McLaren (Rodriguez) [T81/rear engined winner]
    BRM: G. Hill, Lauda (Regazzoni, Beltoise) [1972 Monaco winner, or H16 car]
    Honda: Surtees, Button (Barrichello, Ginther) [1965/1967 car/Brawn BGP001!]
    Vanwall: Tony Brooks [Safety Car]

    Reserve teams/drivers:
    Sauber: Raikkonen, Massa (Fisichella)
    Minardi: Alboreto, Martini (Webber)
    Jordan: D. Hill, R. Schumacher (Frentzen, Irvine)
    Ligier: Laffite, Tambay (Panis, Brundle)
    BMW: Kubica, Vettel (Heidfeld)
    Arrows: Warwick, Boutsen (Patrese, Jarier)
    Benetton: Berger, Nannini (Herbert)

    Still lots of great pre-F1 and early/late F1 drivers missed out!

    Nurburgring (old, perhaps Nord and Sud!)
    Solitude (lots of great German tracks could go here)
    Monza (original, 10k etc.)
    Silverstone (original)
    Spa (old, new)
    Interlagos (old, new)
    Suzuka (old), Mt. Fuji (old)
    Hockenheim (old)
    Le Mans/Rouen/Reims
    Mexico City
    Montjuich Park
    Malaysia or Turkey (nod to Tilkedromes), perhaps COTA
    Probably a few more GPL era gems that I can’t remember right now! Something like Targa Florio, Brno, Montlhery, Bremgarten etc.



    My version of F1: everyone drives a benchmark car of the era… for a modern era car, I’d be leaning towards Red Bull RB9, McLaren MP4-23 (or Ferrari F2008, due to some “information sharing” that occured in 2007); if we’re thinking older cars, MP4/4 (that’s Senna’s WDC one, I think), or the ’97 Williams (the one that Villeneuve won in).

    In terms of drivers:
    M. Schumacher
    G. Villeneuve (Or even Jacques… I am a Canadian, after all)
    Piquet Sr.
    Hunt (he alone will break the monotony of today’s PR driven F1)
    One of the Hills

    Spa (I haven’t seen older version, so I’ll take it as it is now)
    Istanbul Park
    Old Hockenheim
    Monza (as it is presently)
    Road Atlanta
    Silverstone (as it is presently)

    These are some of my favourite tracks (not as familiar with old layouts, though); I’d have a regular race, and then a reverse direction race on the same circuit, same weekend. One practice session, qualifying, then two races over a weekend (maybe we can shorten them a bit, too).

    There’s my ideal F1: a real driver’s championship.



    Just the 13 most relevant teams in my opinion, and 26 drivers, not necessarily the strongest, and where possible with real ties with the team they’re driving for.

    1. G Villeneuve
    2. J Villeneuve
    3. A Prost
    4. A Senna
    5. K Rosberg
    6. N Rosberg
    7. R Arnoux
    8. F Alonso
    9. N Lauda
    10. E Fittipaldi
    11. F Cevert
    12. S Bellof
    13. J Stewart
    14. J Scheckter
    15. M Andretti
    16. N Mansell
    17. K Raikkonen
    18. S Vettel
    19. J Clark
    20. G Hill
    21. J Fangio
    22. M Schumacher
    23. A Ascari
    24. E De Angelis
    25. S Moss
    26. P Collins

    My 22 picks as tracks, not in order of preference:

    1. Monza
    2. Silverstone
    3. Spa-Francorchamps
    4. Enzo e Dino Ferrari
    5. Nordschleife
    6. Kyalami
    7. Osterreichring
    8. Monte Carlo
    9. Hermanos Rodriguez
    10. Albert Park
    11. Gilles Villeneuve
    12. Hockenheimring
    13. Jerez
    14. Paul Ricard
    15. Suzuka
    16. Magny-Cours
    17. Sakhir
    18. Istanbul Park
    19. Donington Park
    20. Estoril
    21. Circuit of the Americas
    22. Brands Hatch


    Max Jacobson

    All drivers in the last of the turbo era-style cars (although not necessarily which cars they fielded if competing at the time).

    1 – Ayrton Senna
    2 – Alain Prost (no changes, it was too good as it was)

    3 – Gilles Villeneuve
    4 – Striling Moss (Gilles was cut sadlt short of course, and I think Strling would’ve been great for the Scuderia).

    5 – Jim Clark
    6 – Sebastian Vettel (two kings of qualifying and race pace in formerly the best team. Great battle ensues!)

    Alfa Romeo:
    7 – Juan Manuel Fangio
    8 – Niki Lauda (Fangio for pretty standard reasons – brilliant driver and all. Lauda beaches I think they’d have a few good battles, and Alfa Romeo of course being an Italian team have similarities to Ferrari).

    Lotus (Colin Chapman Edition)
    9 – Jackie Stewart
    10 – Emerson Fittipaldi (the classic rivals in the classic team).

    11 – François Cevert
    12 – Nelson Piquet (two big characters in a small(ish) team. Could make for interesting TV!).

    Red Bull Racing
    13 – Taki Inoue
    14 – Pastor Maldonado (the comedy act. Although Red Bull are a great team, they can put their fun to the test here!)

    Mercedes (old)
    15 – Michael Schumacher
    16 – James Hunt (Mercedes and Schuamcher being very serious about the job in hand, and Hunt spewing all over the perfectly arranged set of spanners in the garage. Perfect combination).

    17 – Jack Brabham
    18 – Alan Jones (all-Aussie showdown.)

    Renault (old)
    19 – Nigel Masell
    20 – Gerhard Berger (the former one of the harsher drivers in a fragile car. Could be some literal fireworks).

    N.B. I might add others yet!


    1 – Nürburgring Nordschliefe (brutal but brilliant track)
    2 – Old Spa (fantastic corners throughout)
    3 – Monza: with banking (the true temple of speed)
    4 – AVUS (I’d just want to see it for the banking: it’s soectacular by the looks of things)
    5 – Österreichring (brilliant track)
    6 – Laguna Seca (although it’s a tad unsuitable for F1, the corkscrew is immense)
    7 – Monaco (you have to)
    8 – Le Mans (legendary track which I think F1 should race on)
    9 – Indianapolis oval (to complete the triple crown)
    10 – Suzuka (one of my favourite current F1 tracks)
    11 – Old Hockenheim (the blast through the forest is quite something)
    12 – Silverstone (in one of it’s higher-speed configurations)
    13 – Isle of Man (obviously just parts of it and re-structured, but it’s quite a great racetrack also)
    14 – Interlagos (old version)
    15 – Kylami (to make F1 a world championship)
    16 – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez (Peraltda untouched)
    17 – Mount Panorama (the sight of F1 cars through there would be something)
    18 – Long Beach (street circuit’s are necessary to a degree, and it’s one of the better ones)
    19 – Watkin’s Glen (great track too, if not dangerous)
    20 – Road Atlanta (really good track IMO)



    Red Bull Racing
    1. Sebastian Vettel
    2. James Hunt (little bit of an odd one, but I think the lineup would be more explosive than anything)

    3. Jackie Stewart
    4. Graham Hill

    5. Nigel Mansell
    6. Nelson Piquet

    7. Alain Prost
    8. Fernando Alonso

    9. Juan Manuel Fangio
    10. Stirling Moss

    11. Ayrton Senna
    12. Lewis Hamilton

    14. Alberto Ascari
    15. Mario Andretti

    Team Lotus
    16. Jim Clark
    17. Ronnie Peterson

    18. Michele Alboreto
    19. Mark Webber

    20. Jean Alesi
    21. Gerhard Berger

    22. Heinz-Harald Frentzen
    23. Keke Rosberg

    24. Jack Brabham
    25. Niki Lauda

    …and lastly…

    26. Michael Schumacher
    27. Gilles Villeneuve (can’t not have Gilles as the #27, can we?)

    As for my calendar:

    1. Australia – Bathurst
    2. Japan – Suzuka
    3. Argentina – Buenos Aires (old)
    4. Monaco
    5. Canada – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
    6. France – Circuit de la Sarthe
    7. Great Britain – Silverstone (pre-2010)
    8. Germany – Nurburgring Nordschleife
    9. Germany – Hockenheim (old)
    10. Netherlands – Zandvoort
    11. Belgium – Spa
    12. Italy – Monza
    13. Italy – Mugello
    14. Great Britain – Brands Hatch
    15. United States – Laguna Seca
    16. United States – Road Atlanta
    17. United States – Road America
    18. Mexico – Hermanos Rodriguez
    19. Brazil – Interlagos
    20. Australia – Adelaide



    This was a fantastic idea – thanks for posting this. I’ve really enjoyed reading the other posts (particularly Taki in an RBR) and I thought I would do one of my own. I’ve only been following F1 for a few years, so I don’t have the historical knowledge that most of the other posters here have… that said, this is a grid I would love to see and it was fun putting it together.

    I made a couple of changes and combinations here and there but I tried to stay as plausible and historically accurate as possible. 10 teams and 18 tracks…

    1. Michael Schumacher
    2. Niki Lauda
    Alberto Ascari

    3. Nigel Mansell
    4. Keke Rosberg
    Damon Hill

    5. Ayrton Senna
    6. Mika Hakkinen
    James Hunt

    7. Jim Clark
    8. Emerson Fittipaldi
    Mario Andretti

    Red Bull:
    9. Sebastian Vettel
    10. Kimi Raikkonen
    Mark Webber

    11. Juan Manuel Fangio
    12. Sterling Moss
    Lewis Hamilton

    Tyrrell – BRM:
    13. Jackie Stewart
    14. Graham Hill
    Mike Hawthorn

    15. Jack Brabham
    16. Nelson Piquet
    Denny Hulme

    17. Alain Prost
    18. Fernando Alonso
    Jacques Villeneuve

    19. Bruce McLaren
    20. John Surtees
    Jochen Rindt


    1. Albert Park
    2. Sepang
    3. Kyalami
    4. Catalunya
    5. Circuit Gilles
    6. Monaco
    7. Silverstone
    8. Spa
    9. Monza
    10. Port Imperial
    11. Detroit (I’m a Detroiter… so I have to throw it in.)
    12. Hockenheim
    13. Brands Hatch
    14. Hungaroring
    15. Marina Bay
    16. Suzuka
    17. CoTA
    18. Interlagos



    Scuderia Ferrari
    1. Michael Schumacher
    2. Alberto Ascari

    McLaren Ford
    3. Emerson Fittipaldi
    4. James Hunt

    5. Juan Manuel Fangio
    6. Sir Stirling Moss

    Lotus Renault
    7. Ayrton Senna
    8. Jim Clark

    Brabham Racing
    9. Jack Brabham
    10. Nelson Piquet

    Renault F1
    11. Alain Prost
    12. Fernando Alonso

    Red Bull Racing
    13. Sebastian Vettel
    14. Kimi Raikkonen

    BAR Honda
    15. Jenson Button
    16. Jacques Villeneuve

    Tyrrell Racing
    17. Jackie Stewart
    18. Ronnie Peterson

    Williams Honda
    19. Nigel Mansell
    20. Keke Rosberg

    BRM Crisis
    21. Graham Hill
    22. Mike Hawthorne

    Mercedes Benz
    23. Mika Hakkinen
    24. Lewis Hamilton


    1. Australian Grand Prix – Melbourne
    2. Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka
    3. Oceania Grand Prix – Adelaide
    4. Malaysian Grand Prix – Sepang

    5. San Marino Grand Prix – Old Imola
    6. Spanish Grand Prix – Jerez
    7. Austrian Grand Prix – A1 Ring
    8. Monaco Grand Prix – Monte Carlo
    9. European Grand Prix – Donington

    10. Canadian Grand Prix – Montreal
    11. United States Grand Prix – Austin
    12. Mexican Grand Prix – Hermanos Rodríguez
    13. North American Grand Prix – Long Beach

    14. British Grand Prix – Silverstone
    15. German Grand Prix – Old Hockenheim
    16. Belgian Grand Prix – Spa
    17. Italian Grand Prix – Monza
    18. Hungarian Grand Prix – Hungaroring

    19. Argentinean Grand Prix – Potrero de los Funes
    20. Brazilian Grand Prix – Interlagos



    Tracks :
    1. Australia – Melbourne
    2. Malaysia – Sepang
    3. Bahrain – Sakhir
    4. America – Circuit of the Americas
    5. San Marino – Imola
    6. Spain – Jerez de la Frontera
    7. Monaco – Monaco
    8. Netherlands – Zandvoort
    9. France – Paul Ricard
    10. United Kingdom – Silverstone
    11. Europe – Old Hockenheim
    12. Belgium – Spa-Francorchamps
    13. Austria – A1 Ring
    14. Italy – Monza
    15. England – Brands Hatch
    16. Germany – Old Nurburgring
    17. Oceania – Adelaide
    18. Singapore – Marina Bay
    19. Japan – Suzuka
    20. Canada – Montreal
    21. USA – Laguna Seca
    22. Brazil – Interlagos

    Teams and Drivers :

    Scuderia Ferrari Coca-Cola Ferrari ( Ferrari F310B ):
    1. Michael Schumacher
    2. Niki Lauda
    John Player Team Lotus Ford Cosworth ( Lotus 79 ) :
    3. Jim Clark
    4. Ronnie Peterson
    Marlboro McLaren Mercedes ( McLaren MP4/4)
    5. Jenson Button
    6. Alain Prost
    Petronas Mercedes ( Mercedes 2013 )
    7. Nico Hulkenberg
    8. Mika Hakkinen
    Infiniti Red Bull Renault ( 2010 car )
    9. Sebastian Vettel
    10. Jochen Rindt
    Rothmans Williams Renault ( Williams FW19 )
    11. Jackie Stewart
    12. Gilles Villeneuve
    Red Bull Sauber BMW ( Sauber C16 )
    13. Johnny Herbert
    14. Elio de Angelis
    Intel BMW-Sauber ( 2007 car )
    14. Nick Heidfeld
    16. Heinz-Harald Frentzen
    Parmalat Brabham BMW ( Brabham BT49 )
    17. Nelson Piquet
    18. John Watson
    Benson & Hedges Jordan Peugeot ( Jordan 197 )
    19. Ralf Schumacher
    20. Eddie Irvine
    Mild Seven Benetton Renault ( Benetton B194 )
    21. Gerhard Berger
    22. Alexander Wurz
    Lucky Strike Honda ( 2006 car )
    23. Ayrton Senna
    24. Emerson Fittipaldi
    TAG Porsche ( Porsche 804 )
    25. Dan Gurney
    26. Alberto Ascari

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