Fantasy F1 race

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    Here’s the game – Make a random race out of the best drivers in F1-history:

    Starting Grid:

    1) Ayrton Senna

    2) Jim Clark

    3) Alain Prost

    4) Juan Fangio

    5) Piquet Sr.

    6) Gilles Villeneuve

    7) Jack Brabham

    8) Jackie Stewart

    9) Mika Hakkinen

    10) Fernando Alonso

    I think it would go like this:

    Senna is leading Clark, Schumi, Prost, Fangio, Villeneuve, Brabham, Stewart, Hakkinen, and Alonso. Senna spins of an oil spill, and is out. Clark and Schumacher are fighting heavily for the lead, Schumacher rams Clark of the track. Schumi pits for an investigation for damage check, and re-fueling. The stewards notice something suspicious about Schumi’s fuel rig, and investigate.

    Hakkinen is out due an overheating problem with the engine. Villeneuve gets a puncture from the debries on the track. Alonso pits, but “ironically” Piquet crashes on the next lap, forcing the Safety Car out (Piquet Sr. is following his son’s footsteps). The leaders pit.

    Current Order – Prost, Fangio, Alonso (who has been helped by another crashgate), Schumacher (under investigation), Stewart, and Brabham.

    When the race restarts, Brabham and Stewart are fighting heavily, switching positions many times. Fangio is out, what appears like a wheelnut was not fitter properly. “El Meastro” retires from this thrilling race. Prost leads Alonso and Schumacher. On the final lap, Prost hears a Team Radio Message from Rob Smedley: ” Fernando is faster than you”. Prost takes the harpin at snailpace, allowing Alonso through.

    Final Results:

    1) Alonso

    2) Prost

    3) Schumacher DSQ

    4) Brabham

    5) Stewart







    Post race:

    1 – Michael Schumacher is disqualified due an illegal fuel rig.

    2 – Crashgate II in under investigation, Piquet Sr. Crashing on purpose to give Alonso an advantage

    3 – Teammorders are under investigation, Prost let Alonso through on purpose.

    That’s how it would go like :)



    Great result with Brabham on the podium. :)



    “Great result with Brabham on the podium. :)”

    Appearantly, he never enjoyed the podium celebration, because Schumi was DSQ’d after the race. :D

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