Fast starters in Melbourne and beyond?

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    Melbourne is about 6 weeks aways- and I’m pumped. in 2012 we saw McLaren the fast starters, the Mercs & Lotus looked good, the Red Bull sluggish for the first time in 4 years and the Prancing Horse, well, slower that my son’s go-kart!! (Only joking Ferarri fans……… he dosent have a go-kart LOL)

    So who are the top 3 fastest starters to 2013?? I’ll start:
    Red Bull better than last year, as will be Ferarri, but McLaren again the front runners. Lotus good with Romain…………and the other guy (? …..leave me alone) and I hope Grojean wins one this year and shunts Mark twice less……. but I think Mercedes will make a real fast start as Lewis drives the thing past what it can do, only to fad back to where it should be. Williiams a bit closer as well to the top, where they should be.

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    Which team do you think will start with a sizzler of a car?

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    Lotus’ other guy’s name is Kimi Räikkönen.

    Not sure if you’re against him in general, joking or just didn’t remember his name.

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