Favourite driver to win a race?


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    There has been over 100 different race winners and while the like of Senna and Schumacher have wone many races who is your favourite winner?

    I was delighted when Jean Alesi finally got his win in Canada, and was such a shame he never got to add to his tally


    Nic Morley

    Being Australian and Webber being the only Aussie I have seen race. It would have to be Webber wins at Germany in 2009. I was estatic to see him finally win. I liked Kubica’s win at Montreal too.



    Although Jenson isn’t my favourite driver I have to say his first win at Hungary was amazing. James Allen’s reaction summed it all up for me.



    For me:

    Webber – First win was fantastic, long overdue

    Coulthard – Always my favourite driver despite his limitations

    (Just realised how much I used to like Red Bull and it saddens me that it’s not quite the same as it used to be)

    Aside from that, I can’t think of any drivers I really liked winning races (outwith the usual suspects of Stewart etc).



    I thought Rubens’ first win from 18th was great.

    Trulli winning Monaco ’04.

    Johnny Herbert’s Benetton wins in ’95 and his win for Stewart.


    Tommy C

    For me definitely Webber’s. I also really enjoyed seeing Kubica win. And if Heidfeld can pull off a win soon, that’d be pretty amazing. And of course Hamilton’s first win was pretty dang good for a rookie, plenty of safety cars to contend with so I enjoyed that one too.



    Definetely Webber


    Dan Thorn

    Ouch, this is a tough one. Alesi winning was great and I always like seeing Rubens win.

    Panis is probably my favourite though, Monaco 96 is my favourite race ever.


    sbl on tour

    john watson 1976 austrian gp, penske ford, “stand up for that ulsterman”

    johnnie herberts win at silverstone wasnt bad either, in fact it was flipping brill…



    Hamilton’s Silverstone (2008), Monaco (2008) and China (2011) wins rank amongst my all time favourites.



    Felipe Massa. I didn’t watch the race (Turkey 2006), but his first pole and his first win all together on a circuit where his dominance would have been unchallenged for three years. I think though that Brazil 2006 was perhaps better as he was the first Brazilian to win at home since Ayrton Senna, and he did so with pole position and a special suit with Brazil’s colours, as if he knew that was going to be his weekend. Ah, those were the times of an aggressive Massa (on track).

    Then there is Barrichello in Europe 2009, I was enthusiastic of him winning after so many years and having a tribute to Massa on his helmet. But wait, this topic is about favourite driver, not race!



    johnnie herberts win at silverstone wasnt bad either, in fact it was flipping brill…

    You mean, “it was flipping Hill” that caused him to win.

    I enjoyed watching Button, Vettel and Massa take their first wins, but Kubica’s was a great story – one year after his horror crash.


    sbl on tour

    david, very funny , but herr schu was involved in that too, nothing changes with that cheat, anyway I didnt care at the time and still dont, herberts names is in the history books



    since i only really started to watch and follow F1 in 2007, before that it was a very casual affair. Hamiltons first win in Canada 07 and his win at Australia in 08, had me thinking, “good start to the year lol”

    Kubica gets a mention, i just wish Rosberg would break his duck.



    “Herr Schu” didn’t cause that incident, it was Hill’s fault.But yes, Herbert’s name is down as a three time winner, which is nice.

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