Favourite sectors from tracks – 2012 preview

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    Younger Hamii

    Hey Guys as part of my 2012 Preview,It would be great to hear your favourite fast flowing,eye catching,simply amazing sectors.Could be tracks that are on the calendar today,Classic ones or sectors from tracks that have now significantly modified or removed altogether.Love for some mixed opinions and comments.Cheers!!!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    You do know that you put a space after you punctuate, right? Commas and full stops don’t replace the spaces. You put a full stop or a comma (or whatever pucntuation you want) and then a space. Otherwise, it can be quite difficult to read when you have written. I know I had to read that twice before I understood exactly what you had written.

    Sorry. It’s the English teacher in me.

    To answer your question, the first sector and a half in Austin looks great. I say the sector-and-a-half because the first sector ends halfway through turn six, but the next few corners all look great – especially the drop coming out of turn 10. But only time will tell how good it really is.



    I’ll take a guess at where the sectors will be and say sector 2 of New Jersey.



    The middle sector in Malaysia.
    The middle sector in Monaco.
    The original first sector at Silverstone.
    The middle sector in Spa.
    The last sector in Valencia.
    The middle sector of Turkey. (RIP)
    The first sector of Suzuka. <3
    The middle sector of Buddh (India).
    The middle sector of Yeongam.
    The final sector of Interlagos, because of it’s simplicity.

    The worst sector ever? Definately the last of Abu Dhabi – That’s the biggest mickey mouse I’ve ever seen, a bunch of 90* corners put together.



    First sector in Spa.



    Spa Sector 1
    Canada Sectors 1 and 2
    Suzuka Sector 1



    Apart from all the obvious ones, I love the middle sector at the Hungaroring.

    Starts with a fast blind corner, then a long sweeper, a chicane, and then a series of fast flowing corners that’s not easy to get right.

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