Fernando Alonso geekish mini mystery

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    I meant to ask this ages ago however I completely forgot but Keith posted a video of Alonso on Spanish TV a few weeks back and on his red hoody there was this cartoon/anime face character and I recognised it from another time…


    The black and white are reversed on the video though. What is this character? Is it a sponsor? Is he fan? Is it a character made for him?

    Before there’s any jokes yes the photo of Massa and Alonso was before Hockheinem I think :P

    Any help with my daft geekishness would be great thanks. I bet he’s just a fan of some cartoon but even so, it irks me that I don’t know ‘for sure’.



    Yes, it’s Faster, a sponsor: http://www.fasterinside.com/

    Fernando is one of the founders!



    Thank you Fixy! I had no idea. That’s much more interesting than just some random cartoon :) Thanks again



    You’re welcome :-)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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