Ferrari F2012 – the answer?


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    On Formula1.com you can find the probable design of next season’s Ferrari. It’ll be probably named F2012, bringing back the F20xx naming system that is mainly associated with the early 00s dominance.
    From these pictures, it seems a radical departure from last years’ designs, which sported only conventional solutions.
    The sidepods are very tight, while the floor takes advantage of the maximum width (1400 mm). Moreover, not only the rear but also the front suspensions will be pull-rod.
    And what about those crash structures separated from the sidepods? According to some rumours, the new car passed the lateral crash test with difficulties, so they had to fit this solution, transforming these structures in aerodynamical elements.

    What do you think? Is this car and this radical approach the right answer to Ferrari’s winless streak of seasons? In my opinion, they are taking quite a few gambles here.
    For example, last year’s Lotus had that wonderfully radical exhaust system that in the end turned out to be completely rubbish.
    However, the comeback of Rory Byrne as “strategic consultant” for the design should be a guarantee that the new car will be – at least – more competitive than the awfully named “150° Italia”.



    I’m hoping if their new car is so radical it’s a move in the right direction rather than falling even further away from the front. I just hope in season development means the big teams each get a little run of success so that we don’t see another season dominated by one team (I sometimes forget just how good 2010 was with so many drivers in with a shot).



    @matt88 You mean last year’s Renault.


    Colossal Squid

    I’m glad to see that Ferrari are at least trying different things, it’s the only way they’ll have the possibility of challenging Red Bull and McLaren. I have read that they’ve also completely reworked their KERS and DRS systems. Don’t know how true those rumours are, but considering what a departure this car seems to be I wouldn’t be surprised.
    My concern is that all this innovation might lead to an unreliable car. That would be disastrous!



    Trying new thing is good. I think it would work well even though I’m not sure it would be championship winning car. I’m not worried about Renault-like case. They’re Ferrari. I just hope it would push Red bull hard this year.



    I’m still worried about Domenicali’s comments about the car being ugly. It might be fast, but I’d hate to see a Caterham-like nose on the Ferrari… I love the McLaren nose!

    but… are they really going to use yellow on the wheels now? http://www.ferrari.com/English/Formula1/News/Headlines/Pages/120201_f1-OZ-wheels-for-the-new-Ferrari.aspx



    @roald probably there will be a step in the nose (barely visible from the picture), hopefully not as ugly as the Catheram one…


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