Ferrari suspension

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    I would just like to say that most people in the F1 world where saying Ferrari where going to have man problems this season with there new suspension system and especially in wet weather conditions well i would just like to say that they have proved every body wrong with back to back poles in the wet.



    Ferrari’s choice for pull rod at the front was very optimistic and a bit weird I would say: they claim this would lower the CoG significantly and the aerodynamics would be improved because the airflow over the rods is improved (I still do not fully understand both arguments though). The major downside is that suspension changes would take forever. This was confirmed by Alonso, who missed most of a P1 session somewhere (csn’t remember where though, China/Bahrain?).

    But you’re right: Ferrari has made enormous progress in-season, which you can mostly put down to the revised exhaust they introduced in Spain. The Ferrari car now is one of the best cars, both in the wet and in the dry.


    Keith Collantine

    It’s clearly not holding them back – the question now is will other teams adopt it? We’ll probably have to wait to see the 2013 cars to find out.

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