Ferrari’s year?

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    @asanator Well we will see.

    Ferrari has never been way too aggressive with the tyres, my issue is not that Ferrari will have problem with the tyres, but that possible Red Bull will correct their issues with the tyres in hot condition.


    Jon Sandor

    Fact is that very often, a car that goes well around Albert Park usually goes on to win the championship; or at least fight for the title.

    The way you are defining it makes it highly probable that it will be true.

    In Australia this year Vettel took pole and a podium, while Raikkönen won and took fastest lap. If either of those drivers wins the WDC this year you’ll be able to say their showing in Australia predicted it. And though Alonso did not go fastest or win, you’re arguing he may well win this year (or fight for the title) based on his podium spot.

    Their is a high probability that this years WDC will be one of those three drivers, but that has nothing to do with Albert Parks predictive powers. Every year the drivers who win or challenge for the title perform well on the great majority of tracks. In the last 13 years how often has a team done poorly at Suzuka (to pick a track at random) but done well in the WCC and/or WDC? Just once, in 2009. I’d be surprised if there exists any track of which this is NOT true.



    It’s hard to say right now. But I genuenly think that if they want to win the drivers championship and the constructors,they have to let both of them race,not just favor that annoying spaniard Alonso. Massa clearly is ready to be that old fighter which he used to be before. He has the speed and he can win. I realy do hope they don’t mess his mind up again over Alonso,because it would be nice to see Ferrari shine like in the good old days.

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