Finally F1 in HD

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    Firstly sorry if there is already an HD thread, I looked but couldnt find it.

    Anyway Im living in Denmark and just found out that both F1 and MotoGP are being shown in HD this year on one of our major channels :D I found this to be quite wierd as I hadnt heard anywhere that F1 is being filmed in HD. Is the BBC going to be the same as last year? Isnt it strange for little Denmark to have HD F1 coverage when its more popular in England?



    The BBC are going HD for this year. Don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy it any time soon though.



    I still think watching it in 3D is even better, i.e. at the track :P


    Master firelee

    how you didnt know its in hd this year I dont know, but yeah the bbc is, and im hoping I can see the difference between standard and HD.


    Oscar Becker

    you can watch F1 (and MotoGP) in HD in Sweden as well, but I can’t :(



    I watched the LeMans race in HD and the quality is superb, if F1 has done it right then it should be excellent.

    Shame Sky only broadcast 1080i not 1080p.



    Hi SuperTed,

    Where did you see that? Am thinking about Sky but want more motor racing and can’t see that much listed just searcing the internet.

    As you have seen that what else do you watch with Sky, do they IndyCar or Nascar?

    Sorry its OT but you seem like a man after my own heart.


    Dan Thorn

    In true fanatic style, I did the decent thing the other day and bout myself a HD recorder that I couldn’t really afford.

    But hey, it’s F1 – we all make small sacrifices for those we love, right? :)



    Yes Dan been ummming and errring over that for a while, it was either Sky or another box (my current one is 2 years old) but spent so long deciding missed the chance of Sky being done in time!

    So my box does upscale and got the TV so will have to make do, ha ha!



    Thankfully, I got myself a FreeSat TV when I moved into my place a couple of years back, so I shall be enjoying the F1 in HD on the BBC, for (near enough)… free!

    Which reminds me, my licence fee renewal is next week.



    Just finnished watching my recording of the motoGP, I hope the F1 is just as good :D



    ooooooooooooooooooooOH it’s gonna be pretty. I hope we can get practice in HD as well.

    Can’t wait to see all the flicks and swishes in a whole new DEFINITION.



    Just wanna know guys, will the red button be in HD?? i.e. the friday and saturday practices?



    Will it be in HD on the interwebs feed? After all, computers were capable of HD long before TVs (yes, I am referencing that xkcd cartoon)



    …And the phone screen I’m viewing this on is near enough HD as well… I suspect that anything on the red button will not be in HD, at least not on Freeview, I’m not sure about more dedicated services such as Sky HD. But as far as I know, the BBC has 2 HD channels. BBCHD and BBC1HD. The red button feeds are different and not in HD. As for the Internet, you’d like to think so, but once again, maybe not, especially the practise sessions.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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