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    Just joined the forums after viewing the website for what seems like a while now! Only really followed formula one from 2005 onwards but my dad reliably tells me that one of my first fluent words was “Schumacher” even though I struggled to say my brothers name, which is Lee..

    Anyway, Its my 21st birthday today and to celebrate I dragged the family along to the Donington Park Grand Prix collection for the first time! It really is a shame to see that place almost abandoned. There was hardly anyone there and the security guard looked at us gone out when we pulled up and asked up the purpose of our visit. We had the whole museum to ourselves bar 2 50+ yr old men working away on a Brabham dated from the 1960’s, he commented when asked ‘what it was’ that it would have been driven during the winter in NZ by the likes of Jack Brabham and Graham Hill, I think he mentioned it was an F2 car. I don’t really recall as I turned into an 8 year old child for the hour or so we were there! I was surprised at how close you could actually get to the cars and we did touch a few of them pointing out parts on the cars. I even got brave and clicked the gear lever on Lewis Hamilton’s 2007 Mclaren (even though it had a red camera on it indicating it was Alonso’s it did say Lewis Hamilton next to a small union jack as a decal). A lot of the cars are still running racing cars which was clearly evident by the heady aroma of engine oil and the drip pans underneath some of them! Here’s a link to my Flickr page with the photo’s I took, albeit there arn’t very many mainly because I was too engrossed looking at the cars with my own eyes!


    Highlights: Senna’s Toleman, 1993 winning Mclaren, Mansell’s 1991 williams, the MP4/4 and Lewis’ 2007 mclaren

    Criticism: Me and my dad both agreed that it lacked atmosphere, no interactive displays, no background music (not even engine noises!)

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