Five predictions for next season – 2012 preview

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    Younger Hamii

    Hey fellow Fanatics, My recent topics have been basic & boring to say the least and i really apologise for that. Hopefully your predictions on what’s going to happen during & the end of the 2012 F1 season will spice things up a bit. Cheers!!!



    1. The championship to go down to the wire (hopefully!)
    2. Massa to get the boot from Ferrari
    3. Caterham to finish 9th or higher in the constructors
    4. Mercedes to score at least 5 podiums (a Schumacher win would be nice!)
    5. Vettel to have a poor German grand prix


    Bradley Downton

    1. Karthikeyan is dropped at some point
    2. Senna smashes Maldonado
    3. Hamilton does better than last year
    4. Caterham (well, Kovalainen) scores points
    5. Trulli proves useless and is replaced for a race or more by van der Garde (HOPEFULLY)

    Thought I’d go for some less big ones :P



    1. Vettel will be the first driver to win his first 3 championships in a row
    2. Constructors’ title will go down to the wire
    3. The general competitive order will be RBR-Ferrari-McLaren. It won’t be like that on ALL tracks; but over the course of the season, that will be the order.
    4. Kimi does something special. REALLY special. At Spa.
    5. Schumacher pulls off an amazing drive and nearly gets a victory, but gets a podium instead.



    1. Grosjean to beat Kimi ( @riiseuk you know it will happen!)
    2. Massa to stay with Ferrari (Normally I’d say win a race but that’s too much of a wild prediction given Ferrari at the minute)
    3. @raymondu999 ‘s number 1.
    4. Schumacher beats Rosberg in points
    5. Vettel will win the German GP.



    I was thinking of @steph‘s number 5 as well, but ran out of space. Vettel is decent at Hockenheim. It’s Nurburgring that’s his bogey, not home races.



    @raymondu999 agree. I think he has a touch of the Nurburgring curse that’s why I think he’ll do it this year



    @steph Yep; he’s usually rubbish at the Nurburgring. Mind you that’s no proof of anything. Hamilton DNFed (I think?) both his 2007 and 2009 Nurburgring races



    @steph Yep; he’s usually rubbish at the Nurburgring. Mind you that’s no proof of anything. Hamilton DNFed (I think?) both his 2007 and 2009 Nurburgring races



    1. there will be a closer title fight
    2. Trulli will be dropped
    3. there will be a mad wet race and one of the new teams will score points
    4. Massa will see out his contract, (but nothing more)
    5. Kimi will have an icecream on camera



    1. Alonso or Vettel will be champion. If Alonso has the car then definitely him, if not then Vettel.
    2. Mercedes win a race
    3. Massa gets back on the podium
    4. Midfield teams such as Sauber and Force India get podiums.
    5. Raikkonen is on the pace


    Prisoner Monkeys

    1. Force India will place at least fifth overall, and possibly fourth.
    2. The Circuit of the Americas will be a hit.
    3. Valterri Bottas will replace Bruno Senna.
    4. The Lotus E20 will go nowhere fast.
    5. Felipe Massa will bounce back (but won’t race for Ferrari in 2013).



    1. Ferrari will be fast and Massa will get a win.
    2. Webber will actually challenge Vettel at times.
    3. Vettel will not win the championship.
    4. We’ll see a chaotic wet race with a surprise visitor to the podium.
    5. The title fight will go down to the last race.

    I’m being very, very optimistic. If I was anything less than optimistic, I don’t know if I could watch this season! I certainly couldn’t handle another 2011.



    I would have to agree with most of @damonsmedley . My predictions are kind of similar:

    1) A wet race will see a driver stand on the podium for the first time (My bet is on one of the Force India drivers or maybe even Senna or Perez)
    2) Vettel will not win the championship but he will be in the title hunt up until the last couple of races
    3) Hamilton will be back on top form and will convincingly destroy Jenson Button
    4) Mercedes will get some podiums this year, one of which will make Schumacher happy before he throws in the towel at the end of the season.
    5) Ferrari will the team to bounce back the strongest after the in season test.



    1) Heikki will finish a race in 8th
    2) Rosberg will win in the wet in Shanghai
    3) Each of the Force India drivers will get on the podium some time this year
    4) The top 4 will collide and retire in turn 1 in Melbourne
    5) Kimi will be on the podium at Spa

    @raymondu999 Hamilton did finish the ’07 race, actually. Doesn’t matter, it’s still interesting – but I think he could’ve won all three, he had the speed I reckon.

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