flav : cult hero, flawed genius or villian!

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    sbl on tour

    think its a cult hero from me!

    one of my mates was mistaken for flavio in imola by the tifosi a few years back, needless to say the name stuck

    funny thing was proper flav met our flav last year in barca last year, what a laugh




    Strikes me as a bit of an idiot. Colourful nonetheless.



    Colourful personality and he did a hell of a lot for Renault and Bennetton. He was great at leading a team I feel, Piquet said in an interview that Flav didn’t understand much that was going on but if that is true I’m impressed at how he could lead a group of people esp when looking at Renault’s success on the budget they had.

    However, he didn’t seem particularly bothered about the rules or the integrity of the sport judging from Singapore in particular so for that reason I wouldn’t want him back and I’ll never warm to him.



    He does personify the bad boy image of F1..which to me doesn’t suit it these days. Singapore was embarassing. I’ll never warm to Piquet for the same reason. There is such a thing as personal integrity and they both tarnished that.

    Glad he’s gone and respect to the current Renault outfit.



    Flawed genius? There is no excuse to not maintaining your personal integrity. He obviously had a good team under him which no doubt he played the accountable roll in getting them together, and they seem to be doing the job now as well.

    But you cannot excuse the crassness of that man, and his blinkered reality that heavily favours himself.

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