FOM covering testing?

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    I thought that FOM didn’t film testing, yet look at the video of Hamilton’s crash here: http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,26691,12870_8475553,00.html That’s surely FOM’s footage. It has their logo at the bottom left, and the style suits FOM. Also from the looks of it it appears they were filming the whole thing. Maybe they’re only filming it today or something, which just by co-incidence happened to be the day Hamilton crashed. Odd. Anybody got any thoughts? I know Sky themselves are filming the last test in 3D.


    FOM surely own the rights to any ‘official’ F1 running, be that race weekend or testing? After all, we have seen pre-season testing footage used on FOM’s official season reviews in the past, so it makes sense that they’ll have crews there to record some footage in case they have a reason to use it, whether for montages or for the season review DVD or any other packages they want to make.

    Presumably if that’s true, Sky’s deal gives them the rights to show that footage. It may or may not be something exclusive to their contract though, I wouldn’t know.



    Yeah, Surely though if FOM were filming the whole thing anyway Sky would want to show more of it? I would guess then they (FOM) were just filming for a little bit and just happened to capture the crash.


    That sounds the most likely situation to me, but who knows? Maybe they don’t want to spend the money on covering it or are worried that there might not be the viewership to justify it. I mean, after all, it’s not like they are a multi-billion pound corporation running a dedicated 24/7 Formula 1 channel that they charge a substantial amount of money to access or anything, is it?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Maybe it’s on-the-job training for new cameramen. Or a test of new cameras to make sure they’re working.

    But I suspect part of it is collecting a few hours of raw footage that can be condensed down into some kind of highlights reel for the broadcast of the final test. Testing itself is actually pretty boring, because the teams keep to themselves, and so there is no way of knowing for sure what they are doing. Sky would probably want something to show, especically for times when the action is at a lull. If you’ve seen Ted Kravitz’s daily updates from Jerez, it’s mostly him wandering around pit lane with all the garages closed off by screens to stop cameras from getting in (he even tells Pete the cameraman not to try and get a shot of the Ferrari garage because the team won’t like it and he doesn’t want to burn up all of his goodwill with them and find himsel shut out of the garage once the season begins).



    No, FOM will not be filming the final test that’s being broadcast on Sky, Sky themselves will be filming the final test. The footage of Hamilton’s crash was captured by FOM cameras though, which I found odd.

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