FOM’s new rotating onboard camera

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    why doesn’t the FOM try something really crazy like that.

    FOM usually doesn’t keep up with technology, only switching when something is proven and reliable. That being said, I’m sure the main US series had this technology ready years ago.

    I’d much prefer teams having to run a number of cameras, both forward and backward looking, a helmet cam (which we hardly see these days) and sideway cameras. This is a little slow, but they used it nicely on Raikkonen in a corner, but it’s more of a scenery thing than a racing thing. Maybe it’d be nice on the Caterhams and Marussia’s?



    @npf1 all of those cameras do exist on the cars, just they never show them as they’re mostly used for replays for the stewards incase any incidents happen.



    We need more helmet cams. Always love those.
    A bit disappointed Lewis didn’t use his Google glass in the car. Now that’d be a Tweet I’d RT.



    A static 360 degree panoramic view, like Google street view, would be much more useful.


    Max Jacobson

    I did consider Google glass also @mnmracer but I think it’s a bit too distant for now. Give it a few years and I think the drivers could be using heads-up displays like Iron Man and having cameras almost directly on their line of sight too ;)



    Paul di Resta – Italy: First time for the thermal camera, retires in the first lap.

    Kimi Raikkonen – Abu Dhabi: First time for the 180º camera, retires in the first lap.

    That’s why Alonso didn’t want it :P


    David Coulthard – Brazil 2008: First time for a helmet camera, retires on the first lap.


    Force Maikel

    @sigman1998 @magnificent-geoffrey To think Ferrari was originaly planned to use it the entire weekend but they had it remove after friday because it was effecting the aerodynamics of the car in negative way…

    Ferrrari/Alonso dodged the bullet twice this weekend!! ;-)

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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