Force India and Collin Kolles?

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    Felipe Bomeny

    Vijay Mallya’s in serious trouble. Every other day, Keith’s round-ups feature an article that mentions Kingfisher’s downward spiral and Mallya’s insistence that his airline’s financial difficulties won’t affect his F1 team. But Mallya’s problems go deeper than this, with Mallya selling part of his liquor empire to Diageo and other desperate quick-cash partnerships. With the delayed driver decision at the team, there’s definitely something fishy going on behind the scenes in Silverstone. Italiaracing reports that the team is in dire financial trouble, and Ecclestone is working to “save” it like its previous reincarnations (Spyker, Jordan, etc.). Part of Ecclestone’s rescue plan could involve handing the team over to Colin Kolles. Kolles operated the team’s previous guises, and left HRT at the end of 2011. If the dentist/team principal returns, will that mean… Karthikeyan to Force India??



    This is all part of your own thinking right? I’ve not read anything about Kolles at all who I thought was going to be running a team in the endurance championship (could be wrong)


    Felipe Bomeny


    The article also references Briatore


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Somehow, I don’t think much is going to come of this. The team has denied it, of course, but they were always going to say that. No, for all his problems of late, Vijay Mallya has had the devil’s own luck in avoiding trouble. When the Indian Prosecutor’s office issued an arrest warrant for cheque fraud, Mallya soemhow managed to produce the sum owed out of thin air. I get the feeling that he will somehow survive this as well.



    @Prisoner Monkeys He uses his political backing to arm twist people and escape from problems. The only good thing for him is that he knows Bernie well and hence gets some support . Yes , maybe he will survive this after all if he gets some more partners to invest .

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