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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I was really quite pleased with myself when I came up with a song to describe Lewis Hamilton’s love-hate relationship with the stewards to the tune of Phil Collins’ Another Day In Paradise. So I thought I might open up the floor to other people to rewrite songs to describe events in Formula 1.

    Another Day in Paradise the Lewis Hamilton remix

    He calls out to the man in light blue:

    Sir, can you help me?

    I tried to pass, but I got a drive-through

    Is there something that you can do?

    He walks on, doesnt look back;

    He pretends he cant hear him

    As Lewis pulls into the pit aisle

    With darkened whispers this is a racial profile

    Oh, think twice its another day for

    You and me in paradise.

    Oh, think twice its just another day for you,

    You and me in paradise.

    He calls out to the man in light blue

    Theres been another crash;

    You can tell from the shouting

    Twenty seconds post-race and counting.

    Oh, think twice

    Oh, Lord, theres internal rhyme, though in not every instance

    Oh, Lord, the meter is occasionally a little bit bizarre

    You can tell from his fastest lap time

    You can see he hit Felipe Massa

    His fans will say hes guilty of no crime

    Just dont mention Paul di Resta.

    Oh, think twice

    So, now it’s your turn. Please include the lyrics and a link to the original song so we can sing along.



    PM, that is actually really good :)

    You must have a lot of free time on your hands though….?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Yeah, university exams are over. But I have a position around my residential college, and I have to stick around until the semester is officially finished.



    PM, your uni semester isn’t over yet? Over here, it’s been officially over with for almost two months now (heck, even the second sessions for both semesters are completely done).

    Thanks for sticking that Phil Collins song in my head now. Ugh!


    sbl on tour

    my mate el del from work used to sing a little song to me about f1, it went roughly

    “vrooom, vroom, vroom… pitstop, vroom, vroom , vroom… pitstop…bor…ing…”

    and then dander off!

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