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    Formula D: I just played this board game last weekend with 10 other people. It was an absolute blast. (I was 2nd, overtaken on the last corner, a million curses.)


    It is a simple idea. 4-sided dice for 1st gear, up to a 30-sided dice for 6th gear. Some corners require you to end your turn there a number of times. Eg, fast corners need you to end your turn there just once, so you can still be in a high gear. Really bad corners, like the Grand Hotel hairpin, require you to end your turn there 3 times, meaning you need to be down in 1st.

    It is a really fun game. You have to be a bit careful with your tires, engine etc. In the first lap a couple of guys were out in front going like nutters, but by the end of the race they fell right back as they were having to nurse their cars over the finish line.

    Hopefully soon, I have been promised a game of Grand Prix:


    This is meant to be a more strategic game where you are trying to maximize your points of your team. I will let you know if it is any good once I play.

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