Four races in, onle one live race. Lame!

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    How can this dire coverage continue? The BBC said via Ben Edwards, Jake Humphrey and others that this ‘was the best for F1 fans’ and that ‘there was a real possibility that the BBC could lose F1 coverage.’ Well, now we are four races into the season and we have only had ONE live race. This is God Awful. Having to avoid the results and news is like something from the 1970’s. But then again, it is the BBC.

    It’s a pity that Channel 4 never got the F1 rights. Sure there would be adverts, but at least it would have been live. Anyone else disgusted with this?


    Fer no.65

    Streaming, mate. I know it’s not ideal, but you get to watch the race live.



    I’d rather not watch it in 240p, stopping every 5 seconds.


    Fer no.65

    Get a better stream then. I’ve used streaming since 2011 and hardly any problem.

    And it’s better than nothing. You can then re watch the replay/highlights in the BBC, the same way you do now…



    Doesn’t really bother me, we get the same number of races live, less now means more to look forward to in future.

    Having only highlights does reduce my enjoyment of the races, I would much prefer the BBC showing them all live, but if they cant afford it they cant afford it.



    What’s really awful is the BBC broadcast in itself. I used to watch the BBC over Sky, because it felt like a better way to watch, but Suzi Perry and the fact that Sky’s race commentary team seem more informed have lead me to Sky.



    Yup, we’re in the 21st century now. TV coverage is history for me ever since F1 went pay to view…. I watch all the races live via online streaming now. Seldom get lag as my PC and internet connection is very good.


    Jonny Edwards

    To be honest Sky do a much better job than BBC. Jake was the only reason i tuned in to BBC, now i don’t even bother. I’d rather dedicate all my F1 viewing to a channel that is dedicated to the sport i love.



    I think with Tens contract in F1 for Australia, that is usually having most or all of them live.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    How can this dire coverage continue?

    The way the deal between the BBC and Sky is structured sees the BBC pick three races that they want to broadcast live. Then Sky get to pick three races that they will broadcast live. Then the BBC get to pick three more, and so on and so forth. They always pick the British and Monaco Grands Prix in their first selection, plus one other (I’m not sure which one they took this year). This leaves Sky free to pick the first three races of the season, if that’s what they want.

    Of course, the BBC could always pick the first three races of the season – but then you’d probably be complaining that Sky got to broadcast certain events like Silverstone and Moanco.



    Why oh why did the beeb not choose Lee McKenzie over Perry? Lee is into the sport, you can just tell with her enthusiasm. She also has a fantastic rapport with all the drivers. Could it be that she was just not quite “eye candy” enough? It is horrible, but I really can’t think of another reason why she wasn’t chosen.



    Monaco is sky-only this year. Beeb gets Canada instead



    I’m watching live stream races for over 2years now,beacause we have to pay an awfull lot to watch F1 on tv package. I usualy combine Online streaming with RTL live covarage. RTL Does have pointless hundreds of commercials ,but the streaming works realy ,realy well . Just have to have good enough internet connection and find a good enough stream.



    Gary Anderson makes the BBC worth watching for me.

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