FuelGate the latest stick to bash RedBull Racing with

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    Some people like winners and some people hate winners with a passion. They or the teams they support can’t be as good. So they will kick the better team/teams or driver/drivers at any opportunity possible.

    For a team like Red Bull who has won 4 Constructor Championships in a row and 4 Drivers Championships in a row there is a lot for these people to hate.

    As I Red Bull fan I am of course happy they won those championships but since the last set of championship wins there has been a growing trend of sticking the boot in wherever possible.

    The latest being FuelGate, oh Red Bull are holding F1 to ransom they are not playing by the rules. If they win their appeal there will be anarchy in the Pitlane and in F1 in general. The world is ending etc etc

    But from everything I have read, Red Bull have submitted their appeal as they are entitled to do. So they can explain to the FIA why they have chosen to ignore the advice from Charlie Whiting and used their own fuel mapping. I have no inside knowledge as to what information was put to the FIA but everyone going oh Red Bull can’t do that! This will be the end of F1 as we know it the FIA have to police everything that is going on F1. Red Bull wants to win at any cost they are not sporting etc is just complete and utter rubbish.

    For all we know Red Bull might have proof that the fuel sensor reading was say 50% off but the fuel mapping only allowed for 25%. I know I have probably got that around the wrong way but at least give RBR their day in court. If they have been found cheating I hope the rule book is thrown at them as I would wish with any teams.

    But say RBR followed the advice of FIA and applied the mapping the race finished ninth and then RBR appealed that the FIA’s wrong advice cost them chance of the podium. I have no clue how you could sort out that mess.

    Until all the facts are known people should stop sticking the boot in.

    I am not talking about people on this forum as I have only joined today and I am posting this in the hope of some good F1 banter and fun. But at the media loveis who have already made their mind up that RBR represent all things evil with F1.


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