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    just thought of this one. Schumi raced on v12s, v10s and v8s. ALO has raced on v10s, v8s and now will race on v6s turbo… What will SV have racd on when he retires? V8s, V6s and electric??






    Terrible thread. It’s interesting to note Alonso was the last person to win a championship with a V10-powered car, the first to win it with a V8-engined car.

    Wasn’t Gilles Villeneuve the last person (at the time) to win with a V12-powered Ferrari and the first to win in a V6-turbo Ferrari?



    Schumacher never drove an F1 car with a V12 engine.



    Well, he didn´t drive a v12 but was competing against v12 powered cars… I´m talking about the eras, not the engines they used themselves…
    And to Roald, you may consider it a terrible thread but it was intended to be funny because of the downsizing the engines in f1 are going… Long gone are the days ovf v12s and v10s…. and it seems realistic to think that after the v6s, something smaller might come hence my comment of the electrics.
    Geez, some of you are so uptight and can´t take a joke.



    Engine sizes go up and down. Turbos have come and gone and come again.

    JOKE. Noun
    A thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, esp. a story with a funny punchline



    @karter22 I found it funny, some people don’t like fun in the forums.


    Lucas Wilson

    I found it funny. I hope they dont get smaller than v6’s though.



    That was so funny I forgot to laugh.



    Schumacher did in fact drove a V12-powered Ferrari, just not in a race. He tested the ’95 Ferrari when he was preparing for his first season with the Scuderia.

    Of course I understood it’s a joke, I just didn’t think it was funny. To each his own I guess.



    Nice to know that some actually have a sense of humor. Nice fact BTW roald! I learnt something new today!



    Anyways, I also created it because it is very worrying to me. I know engines have varied in the past but now, they are so hard up on fuel efficiency that I don´t see v12s or v10s making a comeback any time soon and considering the v8s had a 7 year streak, it seems like the v6s are here to stay for a long while…

    Why on earth would they? In the past it has all been experimenting and seeing what would be loudest and fastest. It’s not the 1980’s any more. We’re in the 21st century, oil is running out and the human race is far more aware of pollution’s affect on the atmosphere. So why are some people thinking that V6 Turbos are just a flash in the pan? Why are you expecting massive V12 engines to reappear? because they won’t. This is the way engines are heading in the real world and now in motorsport, and one day they will be powered by alternative means.

    So either enjoy the V6 Turbos whilst they last, or go and find something else to do with your time.

    RE: the original post. It was not by definition a joke, neither was it funny. It was a mildly interesting statement at best.

    My answer to it? I should think the V6 Turbos will be around for enough years for Vettel to see out his F1 career.



    This is a stupid topic, but I think it still deserves to exist.

    Anyway, I’m pertty sure F1 used a-litre-and-a-half engines in the early 60s, only to later return to V12s (i.e. the V12 Matra). So we’re not going to decrease the engine size and keep doing it forever.



    1.5 V6 Turbos were used the eighties



    1.5 V6 Turbos were used well into the late eighties.

    Really should read what I type before hitting post! ;)

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