Gary Anderson’s pecking order

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    BBC technical analyst Gary Anderson has done some number crunching based on Jerez and has on conclusion provided us with a pecking order. He says Mclaren lead the way, with Mercedes and Ferrari behind. Lotus a not far off the top 3, but shockingly he has concluded Red Bull are currenclty not on par with the top 4 and appear to have a lot of work ahead of themselves.
    Here is the full report:


    Ryan Williams

    @mclaren What he’s failed to recognise it that Red Bull’s fastest lap was set on the hard tyres!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think you’ll find he’s taking more into consideration than just their fastest lap times – Anderson has tried to account for fuel loads.

    Also, the option tyre is believed to have been about a second per lap quicker than the primes at Jerez. With that in mind, Vettel would only have been two-tenths of a second quicker than Massa.



    What is also worth noting is that according to Sky Button’s fastest time was also set on the hard tyre, when the track was still green. So if Anderson’s number crunching is correct Button was still about 0.2 of a second quicker than Vettel. That said this is all still incredibly speculative at the moment, but it is still fascinating!


    Lucas Wilson

    A bit OT, but I love Gary on the BBC F1 team. Him with Eddie, Suzi, Ben and David (if he decides to continue this year after his sisters death) makes sure that BBC kicks Sky’s butt :-)

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