Globo TV to end F1 broadcasts in 2016

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    Globo TV, a Brazilian TV Channel (free to air) has decided to stop its broadcastings in 2016 due the lack of interest and low ratings.
    Globo TV is one of the most strongest and bigger channels in South America and Brazil.
    Last weekend during the German GP. Globo only broadcasted the Q3 while SporTV showed Q1 and Q2 which upset lots of viewers due the lack of information and lots of rumors are pointing that Globo for 2015 will not longer show the Qualifying sessions.
    Is more likeable (and i believe) that SporTV (A sort of Brazilian Sky Sports and owned by Globo Organization) will take over the rights of F1 left by Globo.
    I think its time to FOM to started to get worried about it. One of the biggest markets in F1 is showing less interest about F1, is something to get worried, I think.


    Keith Collantine

    Sounds like a pretty serious development for F1 fans in Brazil. Is the “lack of interest and low ratings” bit just PR spin by them because the rights have been bought by someone else?

    Also is the tone of the article really that definite? I don’t speak Portuguese and an online translation has the headline as ‘Globo considering quitting the show Formula 1 2016′.



    Checking the headline I got it wrong (bit of sensationalism from me) but still anyway a serious matter because the significance of F1 for the Brazilians and viceversa is huge.
    About the TV rights, the big thing here has been that Mediapro brought the TV rights of F1 in Latin America (except Brazil) on march. The contract runs from 2015 until 2019.


    Ed Marques

    Globo works like this: “there is a brazilian winner we put a lot of money in it, otherwise forget it”. And this happens with every kind of sport. So they produce a crowd that only like to see brazilian being successful, not caring for the sport itself. It’s ludicrous and as Globo is a giant that runs and pays for almost every sport event, this kind of behavior only causes harm to sport in general in Brazil.
    And one of the most iconic figures that represent that is Ayrton Senna. Globo built all of F1 around him, and when he past away the great majority of the people stopped watching, because there “was no more fun in waking up on sunday mornings”. Ridiculous.

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