Good excuses to avoid people on a race weekend

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    Im not anti social but I like to watch a grand prix by myself no interuptions, other people dont quite get that. So you need a good excuse.

    I mean you cant have a bad cold etc every other weekend.

    Lets have some really good ones please. They could be crutial to your GP season.


    Keith Collantine

    @johnf1fanatic Far better just to be straight with them and explain why you’d rather not be interrupted. And turn your phone off.

    That’s served me well enough for years. No need to make up excuses.



    I think it’s always better to be honest, that way you can’t be caught out, luckily I have a good few friends who enjoy F1 so we often get a group of us together on a Sunday to watch the race (great in the summer with a BBQ on the go, reminds me of those perfect Sundays as a child watching the F1.)



    Family usually know what I’m doing Saturdays and Sundays, so most of time stay in. If I have to go out for dinner I have to sit within view of TV. Although 2007 was last time I saw the end of season montage in our living room



    Talk forever to your friends about F1. Tell them when the next race is, so they get sick of it and don’t dare disturb you ;)

    If you are interrupted during a race/qualifying, invent an excuse such as: “Ssh! Liuzzi is 10th for HRT! This is historically crucial!” and they might leave you alone.



    EDF Energy have no concept of F1 title finales, they decided they were going switch off our electricity on the weekend of Abu Dhabi 2010. I had to go to grand parents house to watch it.



    I actually have never really watched F1 alone at home. I’m always watching out in the pub with mates; or just with the normal crowd. There’s something about the surroundings – being immersed with all F1 fans, that really gets to me.

    And it all came together in Abu Dhabi 2010 – a mate and I were rooting for Vettel; and when we reached the pub half the place was wearing McLaren shirts, half were in red, and two Aussie blokes were at the bar. The whole room went silent as Vettel crossed the line, and they all waited on where Alonso would finish. Then they all never spoke up again; while my mate and I burst screaming.



    I told my friends that watching an F1 Race is like having sex. So I just don’t like them to be in the same room while i’m doing/watching it :P



    @goofy well Martin Brundle seems to be of the same opinion as you :P

    He said earlier on in the year, ” Would you rather have sex, or watch porno? It’s got to be live” when he was talking of doing live races on Sky



    Nice thread, @johnf1fanatic

    My girlfriend is always kept up to speed (excuse the pun) on the F1 calendar and she knows she won’t get much out of me on a Grand Prix Sunday, one of the reasons I love her so! If my mum rings me on a weekend she always starts a conversation with “I’m not interrupting F1 am I?!”, bless her!

    I think everyone else gets the idea off my constant Twitter and Facebook updates.



    I find that you can do the look if someone is talking, and since getting sky earlier this year i love pausing and looking in a way of, “i am watching this, i do not interupt you when you are watching One Born Every Minute so please do not interupt me”. Plus i have got my wife and her mother into F1 over the past year so there are no phone calls on a sunday afternoon to interupt the races!



    I always found that yelling “SHUT UP I’M WATCHING THE RACE!” always worked.

    Or ignoring everything else but the TV screen.


    Richard Cantelo

    Interrupt them when they’re watching East-Enders.


    Stephen Jones

    If anyone walks in front of the tv, just start screaming wildly; “AAAAAARRRRRRGHHHHH”.
    Works everytime

    Bonus Points: Get that friend to grab a cold one and join you on the couch.. F1 is better with friends



    Adding to this thread is there any excuses to tell your clingy girlfriend why you can’t spend time with her during a Grand Prix.

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