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    I was thinking, what with the rumours for new grand prix in the future (London, Austin, New York, Rome, Paris, Moscow), and Bernie saying that there should never be more than 20 in a season, which of the current grand prix can we do without, in favour of something new?

    Here are my nominations:






    Montreal and Suzuka?! Are you mad?

    Sakhir, Catalunya, Valencia, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi can all go as far as I’m concerned.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    We can do without Suzuka? Why on earth should we give up Suzuka? And given the great racing we saw at Canada, why should we be sacrificing that race, too? Espeically when you haven’t suggested we give up on Valencia?



    That is a bit strange. I’d nominate Bahrain, China, Catalunya, and Valencia (sorry Spain).



    I’m basing my nomination not only on the racing itself, but also on geographical spread. For instance, why two races in Spain? And if it came down to a trade-off between Catalunya and Valencia, I’d pick the street circuit any day.

    As for Montreal, I’d rather see a brand new grand prix in the US. It’s not like we could never go back to Canada, I’d just like to see some variation. Similarly for Suzuka- we already have China, Singapore and from next year, India as well. Why not spread the races out a bit?

    I picked Bahrain purely because it’s not very interesting. It’s basically a less entertaining version of Abu Dhabi. I think it’s important we have a grand prix in the Middle East, and Yas Marina does it proud.

    Shanghai has produced some fascinating races and we always go there knowing that there’s a good chance of rain. Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur together never fail to give the season some unpredictability, and for that reason I think they should both stay.



    I also think that Silverstone and Monza are beginning to over-stay their welcome a little. So in an ideal World I’d like to see London and Rome added to the calendar, and alternate between them. So for the first year we’d go to London and Monza, then the next year it’d be Silverstone and Rome, and then back to London and Monza, and so on.

    You can have too much of a good thing, and I think Silverstone and Monza need a bit of a cool-off every other year.



    @ VettelS

    Why Canada & Suzuka?





    Prisoner Monkeys

    For instance, why two races in Spain?

    To capitalise on the popularity of Alonso. The same reason why there used to be two races in Germany – because of Schumacher.



    > Sakhir, Catalunya, Valencia, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi can all go as far as I’m concerned.

    Other than Catalunya they all have long-term deals in place which are unlikely to be broken (they are all also a major part of FOM revenue)



    Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Korea, Shanghai and Istanbul are my takes-off.

    On the other hand, I agree with the potential expansions in India and Russia.

    Some other tracks (ie Hungaroring) could be parts of a potential rotating calendar.



    Definitely Catalunya. Valencia has room for improvement and more to offer, even if it depends on a Safety Car. And we shouldn’t have a test track that’s also on the calendar, it just makes it worse. And I have little excitement about going to Rome.

    If I could engineer a perfect universe I’d get rid of Hockenheim too. It’s just too depressing having to go there with how it used to be and the races tend to be natural processions. Hungary I’d keep if there were some track changes.



    What next VettelS? Get rid of Spa? Crazy ideas.

    OK. We can do without… Korea (I know it’s not even raced but why Korea?!)

    I’d say Spain but it’s a good atmosphere, need a race for Fernando.

    Bahrain and Istanbul can go though.



    “I also think that Silverstone and Monza are beginning to over-stay their welcome a little.”

    Monza??? Monza??? *heart attack*

    Ichtyes Hockheinem and Hungary for the chop would hurt too :P I used to hate Hock but I’ve gave in over the past few months and love it now. I’d rather that than the Nurburgring any day. Hungary is great because it is a proper driver challenege in my opinion and there isn’t a track like it right now. I’d like a mix of circuits that gave exciting racing but ones that were dull but were a proper challenege.

    Catalunya just because they test there so no the track inside out as if it wasn’t for that I’d happily chop Valencia.

    I wish I could chop China because apart from the first couple of corners and the last one it is completely uninspiring. Unfortunately, it’s in China.

    I love Turkey but could probably survive without that.

    As much as I love Suzuka we did alright without it in 07 and 08 but getting rid of it would be an utter shame. I don’t care where it is, there should be F1 racing there in my opinion :)

    I’m too tired to remember where else we go if I’m honest.



    We can do without Catalunya and Europe i think.

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